About Us

Who We Are

The Integral Group Limited (TIGL) is proudly owned and operated in New Zealand, we are a down to earth, pragmatic consulting company who believe in bringing traditional rural values to city business.  We are no nonsense and down to earth, our philosophy is simply to get on with the job and get results for our clients - but have fun while we are doing it!

Our areas of expertise include:

  • procurement
  • project management
  • contract management
  • negotiating
  • strategy development
  • knowledge management
  • training
  • facilitation and mediation
  • alliance (collaborative) contracts
  • section 17A reviews.

Our consultants are passionate about providing clients with practical, solutions that are appropriate for them. A commonsense approach is applied to ensure our clients’ solutions are successfully embedded with their business.

We are a group of highly skilled professionals who have been around a while and have worked out how to solve problems and make our clients' lives easier.

We do what we do well so you can do your core business well.

The map below represents the regions that we have worked and trained in.  We've got New Zealand covered!

NZ Map3

We Make the Complex Simple
  • Simple tools & technology to solve problems
  • Fast and effective Project Management Tools
  • Pragmatic approach
  • Spreadsheet modelling
 Why Choose the Integral Group?
  • We always find a way
  • We’re fun to work with
  • We will train you as we go
  • We guarantee value
  • We turbo-charge what you’re already doing
  • We’ll come to you
 We Have Fun
  • We focus on having fun
  • We focus on People
  • We’ve created fun ways of doing mundane tasks
 Why Now?
  • If a project is worth doing, then sooner is better
  • The quicker you can do it the quicker you get the benefits
  • No looking back in a year’s time thinking “if only I had…”
  • Get it right first time
 We Solve Problems
  • Experts in problem solving
  • Never had a problem we can’t solve
  • Extensive experience since 1998
  • Expert workshop facilitator
  • From small to tens of millions of dollars
 Why Do You Need Help?
  • Stuck on a problem project?
  • Don’t know how to get started on a project?
  • Busy doing your day job?
  • Don’t have the specialist skills?
  • Need to save money or reduce costs?
  • Frustrated?
Our People
Our Board
Our Approach
Vision & Mission