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All current and previous QOM and Timely Topic messages are stored in the video bank below - simply click on your topic of choice for tips, techniques and more.

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Local government procurement - OAG Article

Following on from the recent Local Government Procurement article released by the OAG, we have combined lessons from this article with our own extensive knowledge and experience, to come up with easy to administer solutions that are efficient and collaborative.

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How to procure and manage projects collaboratively

*A 10 point commitment on how to procure and manage projects in a more collaborative way*

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Integral Group appointed to AoG Consultancy Panel

We are pleased to announce that The Integral Group has been appointed as a Tier 3 panel member in the AoG Consultancy Services solution for:

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Getting what you want not wanting what you get

Procurement (the process of buying goods and services) goes hand in hand with project management. Every procurement project has to be project manage and a lot of projects require some sort of procurement.

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Get your projects on the Right Track

TIGL has developed some specific procurement and project management techniques. One of them is the *Right Track Workshop*. This is a workshop that we run at the start of projects to get them on the right track and establish the key requirements of the project.

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