Contract Management

This workshop is intended to instil the basics of contract management at all levels of an organisation. It is appropriate for a wide range of staff and includes real world and pragmatic training.

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Very well-presented and informative.

Doug W, Kaipara District Council

Great workshop, good range, interactive, great knowledge.

Matt S, Kaipara District Council

Very good workshop that was engaging and informative presenting good strategies to implement.

Kelly L, Waimakarere DC

Great 2 days - learnt heaps. Lots of networking, good practical tools and sessions, real good knowledge of local government and real examples. Loved the interactive sessions.

Jennie M, Waipa District Council

Very informative and useful - a bit rushed in the last day sessions.

Paul B, Ashburton District Council

Great workshop. Networking great, nice interaction. Fantastic presenter. Thanks.

Sharon T, Tasman District Council

Thought provoking and reinforced the useful tools.

Reuben R, Waikato District Council

Had fun! Learnt a lot more second time around.

Sarah A, Tasman District Council

Excellent presentation and subject matter, loved the enthusiasm and sense of humour.

Daniel A, Ruapehu District Council

Lots of info and tools and great interaction with other participants.

Greg T, Marlborough District Council

A lot learnt.

Ari E, Opotiki District Council

Great workshop, really good to reinforce learnings from project management course.

Chris B, Selwyn District Council

Really enjoyable and interactive. Very practicable and relateable.

Hamish B, Dunedin City Council

Kept us all focussed both days!

Jim F, Whakatane District Council

I would have liked a third day to allow for more exploration into some of the subjects.

Vionne d, Hamilton City Council

Interesting content entertainingly presented. Private discussion of present real-life problem was appreciated.

Alard R, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Really enjoyed the last two days - a lot of useful info passed on.

Amber R, Bay of Plenty District Council

Well-run, had fun! Lots of information, quite procurementy though, compared to Contract Management.

Charlie F, Greater Wellington Regional Council

I found the second day especially rewarding and insightful.

Craig P, Environment Canterbury

Great course. Great strategy and procurement. Maybe a litte more on technical side of CM and describe all CM "work strands".

Dave N, Horizons Regional Council

Simple, clear, practical as opposed to theoretical.

Deborah K, Greater Wellington Regional Council

It is helpful for general contract management skills. Thanks, another useful course that builds confidence; plus had fun!

Keryn R, Environment Southland

Very helpful.

Najam S, Porirua City Council

Really good overview of what tools to help make for a less stressful process.

Rebecca P, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Some good background, evidence this works and key tools to improve procurement and contracts.

Richard G, New Plymouth District Council

I felt stretched (which is good).

Richard C, Greater Wellington Regional Council

I'm very new to contract management so a lot to take in with limited base to be building from. Would be good to return to course in 1-2 years.

Sarah M, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Lots of info and useful strategies.

Coltan W, Hastings District Council

A lot to take in, in one sitting.

Dane F, Hastings District Council

Very interactive and well-structured.

Isak B, Hastings District Council

Wide commentary, bit hard to dig down deep.

Jason C, Hastings District Council

Great trainer, great examples.

Lee R, Hastings District Council

Lots of useful tools.

Megan G, Hastings District Council

Had relatively low expectations as to how useful this would be, but got some generic learnings that I can apply elsewhere. And although I don't do lots of contract management, it's a useful complement to procurement training and to understand the issues.

Paula M, Hastings District Council

Thank you - nga mihi. Kia koe Frank (and to Ange!).

Rosemary S, Hastings District Council

Excellent tools and processes.

Andrew Edgar, Queenstown Lakes District Council

Good positive energy. We had fun!

Warren P, Hastings District Council

I came due to a gap in knowledge in contract management. I felt that we spent too much time on project and procurement management and then rushed through the post contract award sections. However, the project & procurement management info was great and I did learn some new tools.

Emily Botje, Hamilton City Council

Entertaining as this subject could be. Practical. Use of real life examples.

Gary Harris, Hurunui District Council

Relevant to my role and contracts, but may have not been as relevant for communities and facilities staff.

Angela A, Hastings District Council

The use of real life contracts/procurement situations is very helpful and makes the learning more real.

Kylie Moore , Tauranga City Council

Great delivery.

Leonie S, New Plymouth District Council

Lots of content to take in and very understandable.

Bridget P, Hastings District Council

Great content, learnt so much.

Mark Ivamy, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Engaging but not all relevant in my job.

Cat M, Hastings District Council

Good tools provided.

Matt Busch, Thames-Coromandel District Council

As a beginner in this area, valuable to come up with some tools to use that are not complex.

Clint A, Hastings District Council

Thank you, good course.

Mohamed Imtiaz, Thames-Coromandel District Council

Great content and knowledge of topics, loved the examples of our experience of projects!

Fiona D, Hastings District Council

Excellent all round.

Rob O'Grady , Tasman District Council

Great workshop. Came away with some great tools to employ back at the office.

Robbie Whiteman , Waipa District Council

A lot learnt and very knowledgeable facilitator.

Aretha Manus, Whangarei District Council

A lot of stuff I think I do but your methods are a better way to plan.

Paddy S, Hastings District Council

Was a bit too much of different things.

Peran H, Hastings District Council

Practical and useful tools that can be used on a day to day basis for contract management/problem solving.

Steve C, Hastings District Council

I will be using SPIN this week in three of my budget bids.

Wendy B, Hastings District Council

Mixture of ideas on a broad subject.

Glen P, Hastings District Council

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