Project: ERP procurement assistance

We had not been through the MBIE RFX process before and needed someone with experience to assist us on this journey and at the same time upskill our team.

We engaged the Integral Group to take us on our RFX journey. The effect was amazing. The objectives we set for this engagement were exceeded on all accounts, both Frank and Bridget were fantastic.

Their approach was logical and based on many years of deep experience. I would absolutely recommend using them and would not hesitate to work with them again.

Justine Dunnett, CFOREANNZ

We are a small trade company in Wellington and wished to prepare an RFP document for a Government Tender. Having never done one of these previously we were struggling with the very detailed document and did not wish to complete it with inadequate answers.
Seeking help, we contacted The Integral Group and received a rapid response from them. An appointment was set up and we spent the afternoon with their director Frank Aldridge and one of his amazing team. This was a very interactive few hours from which our formulated replies were used to complete the RFP document and our pricing information was set out in a very professional presentation.
We were so impressed by their assistance and they made us feel very much at ease during the consultation process. We learnt a lot from Frank in how to present our tender which will help us with future presentations, however we would not hesitate to seek out his advice again if we need to.
Our company has since been awarded the tender and we have no doubt, that this is in no small way due to the assistance of Frank and The Integral Group team.

Dawn & Mike, Elm Decorators Ltd

The Johnson Group has worked with Frank over the past five years in his role as both a procurement consultant and trainer. Recently he assisted us with the production of two significant tenders. The quality of the process and the resulting documents were very well received. Frank is highly professional and a pleasure to work with.

Leigh Johnson, The Johnson Group

We used the consulting services of TIGL (in particular Frank Aldridge) to help with preparing our All of Government (AoG) RFP response. Frank provided a fresh perspective, especially in our Executive Summary Section. This resulted in our selection as a Panel Vendor to the Government Sector.

Frank also provided an "easy to follow practical tips and traps session" covering the various parameters of the tender process. This resulted in a better understanding of "the do’s and don'ts" in relation to tenders.

Derak Govind, Konica Minolta

We used the procurement services of TIGL (in particular Frank Aldridge) to help with preparing our RFP response for a very large (40 sites in NZ) State-Owned enterprise. Frank provided us with a "quality assurance" perspective to ensure that the RFP objectives were addressed and concisely answered. This resulted in our selection as the new vendor (replacing a 10 year supply arrangement).

Derak Govind, Konica Minolta

The Integral Group played an invaluable role in helping us work through an All of Government tender process. Their advice and guidance, based on many years experience within the Government sector, played an important role in our being successfully appointed to the panel of suppliers. Many thanks to Frank and the TIGL team.

Paul O’Sullivan, The Orbit Group

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have done for ToTal Harbour City Guards Limited to date.
I find you very professional in your approach to what you do, and I have really appreciated your ability to understand our business environment really quickly.

I have found your work ethic second to none and the presentation of the work you have done for us has been exemplary.

I look forward to working with you again soon.

Paul Rolton, ToTal Harbour City Guards

I recently worked with Frank Aldridge, The Integral Group Limited to write tender documents for a significant government tender. I found Frank and his team to be exceptionally well prepared, totally dedicated to the task at hand and willing to go the extra mile to meet the tight timeframes.
Frank’s experience in the preparation of tender documents, responses and the assessment of tender applications was apparent. We were able to cut through the government speak and get straight to the important stuff. I was 100% satisfied with the service from Frank.

Denise Scott-Lister, Training For You

Frank and The Integral Group recently worked with Boost to respond to a lengthy Request for Proposal for a large government department. With Frank's support we were able to identify our key strengths and ensure that these strengths were evident throughout our response. Some of his more practical advice on formatting made our response a lot clearer and enabled us to provide a proposal that was easy to digest whilst still showing the breadth of our services. We'd recommend Frank and The Integral Group’s services to anyone who wants to improve on their responses to crucial RFPs.

Kirstin Donaldson, General Manager, Boost

We were having an issue with preparing a submission for an All of Government contract. The Integral Group helped us by providing sound advice and facilitation through the process of preparing for the submission. We felt fully supported and that The Integral Group understood our needs entirely. We would not hesitate to seek out the professional advice and support of The Integral Group if we were in need of procurement or bid advice.

Anita Murdoch, Director, Forté recruitment

Baseline is a Digital Printing Company based in Wellington who are at the leading edge of digital technology. We offer design, printing and distribution services and employ about 30 staff.

The printing market is a very competitive one, quite often driven on price.

Baseline utilised the services of Integral Group to improve our hit rate on Government Tenders and it must have worked as we won the very first one we went for which they assisted us with.

Since then we have been short-listed on another large Government contract using the skills we learnt from Integral.

Some of the main points that they helped with are as follows:

• Helped us understand the psychology of Government Agencies (which are very unique)
• Talked us through the minefield of questions, in fact a lot of questions had up to five questions within the one question.
• Helped define a clear Strategy to respond
• The Critiquing of our draft to ensure that key points were covered and that we hadn’t over-written or filled with jargon
• Up-skilled our people.

The two key points from this that stood out, were understanding the Psych of Government and obviously the up-skilling, as we are now
winning more tenders.

If you want to win more contracts then I strongly suggest that you work with Frank and his team.

Graeme Thompson, Baseline

Having attended one of the Integral Group’s workshops on responding to RFPs, we had no hesitation in engaging Frank to assist us bid for a strategic piece of work that we very much wanted to win. We thought we knew what we were doing, and to a certain extent we did. However Frank’s advice, critique and guidance was invaluable in notching our response up a level. We were delighted to make the shortlist, which was our aim.

Bev Marshall, Managing Director, Winsborough Limited

We were struggling to make sense of the RFP document for the tender to deliver services that we were bidding on. The RFP document was long and highly detailed. Because of this, we were in danger of putting together a bid that was confused, long winded and that didn’t really highlight the capability of our people or our organisation.

We made contact with The Integral Group part way through the process, with the initial intent of getting some feedback on the ‘final product’. From our conversation with them, we quickly figured that we should involve them in the process, which is what we did. The Integral Group, took us back to the beginning and helped us ‘shape’ our response. The techniques that they used and taught us meant that we were able to much more clearly get a sense of not only what we needed to respond to but how we needed to respond.

The result was that we were able to work much quicker to develop our bid, saving time and effort. Thanks to the team and the support from The Integral Group, we were appointed as the preferred provider to deliver the contract. The only thing I would have changed, is engaging them in the process right at the very beginning!

Wellington based business

“We have been producing government tender responses over the last few years and have slowly developed our documents over time to a reasonable standard but we felt it lacked in areas. We decided to engage TIGL for our most recent tender to improve our document and based on a recommendation from one of their existing clients. We worked closely with TIGL from start to finish, I found they understood our requirements and quickly pointed out where our document lacked. They understood our business and what we wanted to achieve and can now happily say we have a great flowing document for this tender and a base for future tenders. I would happily recommend them to others and look forward to working with them again in the future. “

Keith Clement, General Manager, Fusion Interiors Ltd.

We were struggling to know where to start when putting together our RFP response. When pointed in the direction of the Integral Group we were fortunate enough to receive guidance from Frank Aldridge. Without Franks knowledge and patience it would have been very difficult to produce a document we were proud of. As a company we have learnt a lot in the process and are now able to utilise the writing skills learnt for future projects.
I highly recommend Frank and his team and hope to work with them again in the future.