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Training Workshops

We train in all of the areas that we consult in. This means that our training is always current and relevant as it is based on how we work with clients.

We are happy to tailor training workshops and examples to meet what you need. We use real case studies on training workshops to embed the learning and solve business issues at the same time.

We offer in-house and public workshops*.

*Note our workshops are usually offered in a public and inhouse format. Due to COVID19 we don't currently have any public workshops booked, but we are still offering them as an inhouse option. See below for details.

If you have a larger group of people you would like to attend together, we can bring the workshop to you and run it in-house.  We can also tailor the workshop examples to meet what you need. We use real case studies to embed the learning and solve business issues at the same time.  (All you need to do is provide a suitable venue and appropriate support.)

Contact us to enquire.

We are continually finding better ways of doing things in the real world and we then bring those methods and techniques into our training.

A recent example is the Right Track Workshop. This was developed to address some common problems that organisations face when running projects. We now use this and train it in all of our projects and training workshops.  (Read more here.)

Interactive and pragmatic training:
  • are you getting in trouble with your procurement projects?
  • have you got a procurement project that you don’t know how to start?
  • are you worried about dropping the ball or getting sued?
  • need to learn practical techniques to make your procurement more successful?
Project Management
Interactive and pragmatic training workshops:
  • have you got projects going off the rails?
  • have you got projects that you don’t know how to start?
  • are your projects keeping you awake at night?
  • would you like to practical tips that can make project management easier and more successful?
Contract Management
Interactive and pragmatic training, that compliments the procurement workshop:
  • need to select the right suppliers to meet contract requirements?
  • want to know how to negotiate the contract terms with suppliers
  • do you need to manage and improve delivery of your contract?
Interactive and pragmatic training:
  • do you want to be a more successful and confident negotiator?
  • are you leaving value on the negotiating table unnecessarily?
  • do you want to learn the “rules of the game” so that you can’t be cheated?
  • do you want to learn the breakthroughs discovered over 20 years of negotiating?

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