Vision & Mission


A world where the good guys win

In procurement and contract management this means the best clients end up working with the best suppliers. This came from seeing lots of procurement done poorly and the wrong suppliers getting the business. It was also from seeing lots of buyers behaving badly.

In 2014 Frank hit a point of frustration where it was time to try and change the market, so he came up with a New Paradigm for Procurement:

  • collaborative
  • courteous
  • considerate.

Based on the New Paradigm, end to end procurement and contract management done properly then includes:

  • good planning and project management
  • knowing the role of Governance
  • up to date procurement policies based on the collaborative approach
  • the right procurement strategy that is fit for purpose for each project
  • fast, effective and collaborative value based procurement processes to get the right suppliers
  • fair and balanced contract management
  • training in up to date collaborative procurement models and methods.

The Integral Group have developed workshops, policies, processes, contracts and training for all the aspects above.


Improving procurement and project management throughout New Zealand, one organisation at a time.

We continually develop easier, faster and more fun ways of doing business. We get the chance to develop these while we are working on projects for clients as consultants. We then get the chance to pass on these skills and breakthroughs to hundreds of people through our training workshops.


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