The Integral Group is passionate about providing our clients with practical, solutions that are appropriate for them. A common sense approach is applied to ensure our clients’ solutions are successfully embedded with their business. 

We will work alongside you and can provide training as we go.  No matter the challenge or project we will help you to find the solution and have fun doing it, The Integral Group can turn any lemons into lemonade.

We don’t always initially know how we will sort out an issue, but we know we will work it out, because we always do.  This is our mantra and it frees us up to come up with a solution without worrying. 

For more information on how we are enhancing communities and councils through our consulting and training services click here.

We provide consulting services in the areas of expertise below.

We believe in building and maintaining successful relationships with both our clients, the business in which they operate and our clients' suppliers. Our work ethics are determined by the New Paradigm and the 4 Key Objectives:

New Paradigm:
  • Collaborative
  • Courteous
  • Considerate
 4 Key Objectives:
  • Know what you want
  • Attract the best
  • Choose the right outcome
  • Manage them fairly

Consulting across all aspects of procurement:

  • health check reviews
  • strategy development
  • policy development
  • running RFPs and end to end procurement processes
Project Management

Project Management Consulting:

  • project management
  • project management training
  • strategic reviews
  • supply reviews
  • follow up training
  • mentoring
Policy & Manual Development

The Integral group can provide assistance with:

  • procurement & project management policies
  • procedures
  • templates
  • training material
Strategy Development

Strategy Management through the Integral Group Ltd:

  • collaborative & efficient strategy development
  • structured & customised approach
  • greater buy in with visible solutions

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