This workshop is intended to instil the basics of good negotiating at all levels of an organisation. It is appropriate for a wide range of staff and includes real world and pragmatic training.

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Enjoyed the morning session - good learning and re cap. Afternoon session found to be too 'corporate' or 'sales' based and had to relate to my workplace! Also enjoyed the 'car sales' exercise

Gary B, Tauranga City Council

Enjoyed the course, was interesting and interactive. Would have perhaps liked more practical situations of how to implement in our environments

Thomas C, Tauranga City Council

Great again. Thanks Frank!

Clint N, Tauranga City Council

Very relatable, enjoyed Frank's personal examples.

Bryce P, Tauranga City Council

Great course, really useful skills

James P, Tauranga City Council

Good general content, fairly easy to follow

Niel P, Tauranga City Council

Excellent course good mix of practical and theory

Beverley S, Inland Revenue

Really good insight into understanding what negotiation is and good tactics for everyday.

Grace B, Tauranga City Council

Lively, engaging, funny and informative

Jenny H, Statistics NZ

First half was really interesting and related dorectly to my role. The second half was good, just did not really relate to my specific role. 2 thumbs up though mate.

Callum A, Tauranga City Council

Gained some new tools and have some things I think about when doing negotiations

Helen P, Inland Revenue

Very informative and useful course. Thoroughly enjoyed it

Stuart G, Tauranga City Council

Great course. Enjoyable. Been given tools to use in everyday work environment

Chris O, Inland Revenue

Well organised, kept to time, practical tools, interesting and relevant anecdotes

Margot B, Inland Revenue

Another well run training course with good 'rural life' examples

Martin D, Inland Revenue

Great session with some good usable tools. Maybe didn't need to do both courses, just this one as morning session was repeated

Anna B, ACC

Good range of content, pace, examples

Hamish J, ACC

Very well facilitated, great examples used and practical tips

Helen T, ACC

Interesting examples

Karen M, ACC

Very happy with course, very relevant to my everyday environment

Lindsay J, ACC

Good overview. Could be longer with more practical but time constrained.First hour was a bit laboured - slide saying "get on with it!"

Nicholas O, ACC

Fast-paced, anecdotal, good examples

Sara B, ACC

This course was very well facilitated and I had fun and learnt a lot

Tania O, ACC

Great combination of theory and activities putting the theory into practice. Relevant information and great presenters

Bridget P, ACC

Excellent pragmatic course with real world examples and application.

Stan P, Inland Revenue

Great workshop - kept everyone engaged. Enjoyed the examples.

Matt K, Tasman District Council

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