Our Approach

Our approach to working with clients is typically:

  • Strategic problem identification and investigation
  • Objectives setting
  • Strategy development
  • Programme plan
  • Projects
  • Training and mentoring
  • Knowledge management

Strategic problem identification

This includes:

  • initial analysis
  • client discussions
  • set objectives
  • discuss strategies

Problem investigation

This includes the Right Track workshop:

  • background
  • project objectives
  • stakeholder analysis
  • risk analysis
  • needs and wants analysis
  • strategy development

Programme plan

This includes:

  • further analysis and recommendations
  • putting the client on the right track
  • identifying remedial and ongoing projects
  • prioritisation
  • next steps

This includes:

  • project management
  • mentoring and training
  • handover

We run training in all of the areas that we consult in:

  • project management
  • procurement
  • contract management
  • negotiation
  • winning tenders and RFPs
  • knowledge management
  • process mapping
  • Section 17A reviews
Knowledge Management

We have also developed specialist skills in the area of knowledge management. This includes:

  • mapping business processes
  • procedure writing
  • knowledge base development (eg www.pikb.co.nz)