Other Services

We are expanding our range of services all the time and have found that our clients are needing even more specialist advice. 

Below are areas where we have developed our expertise in response to these evolving needs:

  • Facilitation/Mediation
  • Alliance (Collaborative) Contracts
  • Section 17A Reviews

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From Whakatane DC PM workshop put on Other Services page5

Assisting with challenging situations to:
  • use fast and effective techniques
  • enable the right outcomes
  • get the best out of people and/or a situation
  • provide impartial perspective with strategic advice
Alliance (Collaborative) Contracts
Alliances can be healthier and more responsive than traditional contracts by:
  • driving best value out of contracts
  • encouraging collaborative behaviour
  • achieving the best outcomes for both parties
  • focusing on proactive delivery (more delivery, less checking)
Section 17A Reviews
As part of Section 17 A of the LG Act we can assist with your delivery reviews by:
  • cutting down time - hours/days not weeks/months
  • reducing cost and effort across all parties
  • covering numerous services at once

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