Procurement is a very special set of skills and no two procurement projects are the same.  We see most procurement done poorly with non-experts applying:

  • wrong business models
  • wrong contract models
  • wrong go to market models
  • incorrect use of standard government templates
  • master/servant relationships
  • inefficient and costly processes
  • unattractive processes for suppliers
  • poorly executed implementations

 The implications of these issues are:

  • good suppliers are not bidding on tenders, therefore often councils are getting few or no good responses
  • this in turn means desired outcomes and levels of service aren’t achieved
  • reputations are damaged
  • procurement processes take too long and cost too much for all parties.  There is no such thing as a free lunch, clients ultimately pay for these costs
  • suppliers are driven out of business in the race to the bottom on price
  • good suppliers go and work in other sectors that are easier to work with
  • relationships are unhealthy and not productive
  • failing policy, probity and audit requirements.
Procurement Consulting Experience:
  • Buying Goods & Services
  • Government Procurement
  • Council Procurement
  • Corporate Procurement
  • Running full procurement processes
  • Alliance Contracts
  • Small & Medium Sized Company Procurement
  • Experts in Government Rules of Sourcing
  • Principal based procurement
  • NZ Level 6 Certificate in Infrastructure Procurement Procedures
  • Have run over 300 RFPs in over 80 categories
  • Saved clients millions of dollars in direct costs and administration reductions
  • Procurement consulting across Councils and Government agencies
  • Assisted with setting up Tasman District Council conversion of traditional roading contract to Alliance model
  • Successfully facilitated setting up 7 Alliance contracts:
    • Tararua District Council, roading (twice); IT Support (small)
    • Waikato District Council, roading
    • Horowhenua District Council, 3 Waters (twice)
    • Tasman District Council (as above)
    • Far North District Council 3 Waters (reset)

 For more detailed experience please see our references and testimonials.

How we can help:
  • Our procurement approach meets our new paradigm and delivers better results for everyone, our approach is:
    • fast
    • simple
    • pragmatic
  • Our principle based procurement covers all aspects:
    • full end to end procurement processes
    • strategy development
    • requirements development
    • go to market; registration of interest and request for proposal
    • evaluation
    • contracts set up
    • implementation
 What principle based procurement means:
  • Pragmatic and effective tools and techniques
 What you get from working with us:
  • Less stress, more success
  • Meets probity and audit requirements

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