This workshop is intended to instil the basics of good negotiating at all levels of an organisation. It is appropriate for a wide range of staff and includes real world and pragmatic training.

What is it?

  • 1 day negotiation workshop
  • psychology of negotiating is all about how people think and behave.  Understanding how this works makes life easier, and you more successful 

What will be covered?

  • key success factors
  • psychology of negotiating (the most important element)
  • the power of questions
  • 4 guiding principles
  • 8 steps in the right direction
  • 6 of the best to avoid
  • a quick and effective strategy development tool
  • how to prepare for a negotiation
  • face to face meetings
  • getting agreement

This workshop will:

  • introduce participants to some life-changing fundamentals
  • provide participants with usable tools that they can apply at work, or in life in general
  • provide participants simple and practical exercises that embed the learnings.


"Brilliant workshop and I learned more than just about negotiation but a tool to solve problems!!!"

- Jai F, ACC

4.4 stars from 39 testimonials


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Who is it for?

This workshop will benefit anyone who:

  • manages staff
  • represents their organisation
  • works on projects
  • sells ideas (to staff and/or management)

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Your facilitator

Frank Aldridge:

  • has real world experience, having negotiated over 350 commercial contracts
  • has had attendance from 40+ organisations across NZ

Workshop cost and booking details

1 day workshop*

*Note this workshop is usually offered in a public and inhouse format. Due to COVID19 we don't currently have any public workshops booked, but we are still offering this as an inhouse option. See below for details.

If you have a larger group of people you would like to attend together, we can bring the workshop to you and run it inhouse.  We can also tailor the workshop examples to meet what you need. We use real case studies to embed the learning and solve business issues at the same time.  (All you need to do is provide a suitable venue and appropriate support.)

The pricing for an inhouse workshop is as below:

Up to 10 Attendees

Per person fee
in excess of 10 attendees

$7,000 + gst

$700 + gst

 Contact us to enquire.

 We will keep this page updated to advise when public workshops are up and running again.

[NB: Public workshop pricing is $700 + gst/person.]