Helping to reach a mutually acceptable solution between parties, for any scenario.

What is it?

Facilitation is about getting the right outcomes by utilising all the people, information and intellectual property in the room and running it in a way that gets the best out of the people and the situation.

We can help save time on wasted meetings by getting all the right people together at the same time and preparing beforehand, so we acknowledge the difficulties and what the likely sticking points might be.

Sometimes clients have an issue with either their own clients or within their organisation itself where it is not appropriate for staff to get involved, or they don’t have the necessary inhouse skills. We offer non-biased and third party negotiation and mediation expertise.

We can help with:

  • enabling the right outcomes
  • getting the results you need
  • being respectful to all parties involved and listening to all perspectives
  • identifying the real issues and mitigating the implications arising from these
  • protecting individuals in difficult situations
  • providing impartial and informed third party advice
  • providing experienced consultants who do not get unduly influenced by strong emotions and perspectives and who can think on their feet
  • providing the specialist tools and strategies to get the best out of people and the situation

Examples of where we have helped:

  • prevented potential legal action by addressing concerns of various parties and mediated a mutually acceptable outcome
  • mediated between neighbours with conflicting thoughts about the use of land
  • mitigated the consequences of poor process

We can assist by:

  • using engaging and tactile techniques that get people talking
  • achieving outcomes quickly and effectively
  • asking the difficult questions
  • facilitating challenging conversations
  • providing mediation at workshops
  • providing expert advice to ensure internal processes are correct
  • dealing with conflict strategically
  • eliciting buy-in from participants
  • providing an impartial perspective with strategic advice
  • solving problems
  • ensuring all parties’ concerns are heard and documented
  • presenting the other side of the story and explaining people’s reactions based on their world view
  • facilitated planning for groups

What clients have to say about the Integral Group:

  • they understand the people and processes involved and come up with a strategy to meet the outcomes required
  • never lose sight of the end game
  • have a very clear understanding of people, behaviour and motivations


Every situation is unique and we treat it as such with our pricing structure.

Please contact us for further information. 


TIGL absolutely guarantee our work.  Our satisfaction guarantee to you is that:

  • in the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with our work, we would make sure that we work with you to put it right
  • if at any time you’re not satisfied with the value you’ve received when we invoice you, then we ask you to pay the value that you deem appropriate.