A clear, informative and practical solutions based course on project management with “real life” scenarios.

Paul Bowman Hamilton City Council

Probably one of the best practical courses I have attended. The material is workplace tested and not just theory-based. Would highly recommend for all project managers.

Scott Collinge, Matamata-Piako DC

Very informative and relatable to me in my new role as Project Coordinator.

Kayden Maata, Te Maru o Ruahine Trust

Excellent two days, well presented in a clear and timely presentation with real life examples.

Bryce Neems, South Wairarapa District Council

Great team in delivering this course.

Garreth Gabb, Nelson City Council

Valuable practical skills that can be applied next day.

Tiwene Roberts Palmerston North City Council

The workshop was run well, speedy, extremely interesting. Frank was able to bring fun and enjoyment into what could have been a boring topic.

Lance Gwynne, Matamata-Piako DC

I would highly recommend Frank and his team for any organisation or business, large or small. The tools are invaluable.

Marjory Heeney, Te Maru o Ruahine Trust

I was cynical coming in but the course was very useful and has real world application

Charly Clarke, South Wairarapa District Council

This was a great workshop covering all stages of project management. I will now be able to initiate, plan and deliver and close off projects much better.

Matt Christian, Nelson City Council

Engaging, practical and readily transferable to the real world.

Michael Duindam Palmerston North City Council

Such a brilliant workshop. Makes such a difference to be in a room with fellow local government employees, everything is so much more relevant. Awesome tools to learn, I?m looking forward to putting them into play.

Chelsea Cannell, Matamata-Piako DC

This is the second training session that our organisation has used the services of the Integral Group for. Each training session has been massively valuable and we look forward to working with Frank and his team again.

Robert Martin, Te Maru o Ruahine Trust

The workshop was well worth the two days. A lot of new skills and techniques were explained to help with real world work projects. Frank was a great mix of entertaining and educational.

Harriet Barber, South Wairarapa District Council

Introduction to project management workshop was brilliant! I learnt a lot, easy to follow along. Highly recommend!

Georgia Clarkson, Nelson City Council

This workshop/training provided tools to be able to manage projects with the minimum of fuss and without wasting valuable time. Project management demystified.
Frank presented the whole of himself and modelled integrity. Humour, connection and values were inherent in the approach.

Neil Miller Palmerston North City Council

Much of my intuitive project management that I utilise on small community projects has been explained in paper charts and sticky notes!

Richard Witheford-Smith, Porirua CC

Good course, well presented and full of useful tools.

Bruce Thomson, South Wairarapa District Council

Great program for anyone, no matter how much or little they already know.

Ben Pavitt, Nelson City Council

Fantastic knowledge and experience. Clear and practical tools we can implement straight away! Can’t wait to apply this in my work.

Todd Taiepa Palmerston North City Council

Frank was very personable, he presented clearly and included the fun factor in his workshop.

Donna McArthur, Gisborne DC

Two days well spent! This is based on a good commonsense approach interlaced with a good humour and upbeat style. I would highly recommend this team of trainers!

Graham Timms, South Wairarapa District Council

Great demonstration.

Bill Ewing, Nelson City Council

Frank taught me that project management can be simple and easily accommodated rather than being a project in itself.

David Murphy Palmerston North City Council

A great demonstration of practical methods of improving project management.

Bill Inge, Porirua CC

A straightforward and engaging approach to project management training. Good energy, coverage and friendly trainer!

Russell O'Leary, South Wairarapa District Council

Excellent course, very practical, with tools and knowledge to utilise directly back at the office.

Viv Diack, Nelson City Council

Excellent course, practical.

Jennifer Esterman Palmerston North City Council

Grande Frank!  Ottimo lavoro!

Luca Barone, Gisborne DC

I would recommend this workshop to those who work on projects no matter the size. Really useful practical tools and delivered in a fun way.

Steph Frischknecht, South Wairarapa District Council

The content was incredibly relevant and insightful, providing me with practical strategies that I can implement quickly and easily when I return to work.

Lynne Peacock, Nelson City Council

I came in thinking that I wasn’t involved in project management enough to use the training much. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the content, delivery and presentation of the training was enjoyable, interactive and useful for my job and personal life.

Juliet Thomas Palmerston North City Council

Great course with practical tools that can be put to immediate use. Frank was a great facilitator with lots of experience to draw on. Would highly recommend.

Robyn Broadhurst, Northland RC

Very relevant to day to day activities.

Tim Langley, South Wairarapa District Council

I would recommend TIGL for a project management workshop. Hands on and relevant with real life examples.

Rebecca Thiessen, Nelson City Council

It’s one thing to be sure about what you know…it’s another to find out all the things you don’t!

Steve Scott ECL Group

This is an essential course for anyone who wishes to efficiently look to deliver continual improvement in local government. Excellent and useful content delivered very well. Thank you Frank!

Alex Macleod, Environmental Southland

Really good, simple ideas that can be easily used.

Dave Gittings, Carterton District Council

Awesome workshop. Great tools and learnings that can be used.

Jonny Edmonds, Nelson City Council

Once again Frank has delivered a fun and pragmatic training session using our own project, giving us practical experience and solutions to continue our project.

Mike Slape ECL Group

The best project management workshop I have attended ? very relevant to the local government environment.

Kyla Carlier, Northland Regional Council

Simplistic, practical and easy to apply.

Jin Cowan GNS Science

A complex subject simplified and made practical by an instructor who knew his stuff by doing the hard yards. Plain language used throughout and not too much jargon that is common in similar courses. Well done Integral Group Ltd.

Paddy Driver, Tararua District Council

Well worth my time. Very clear, concise and relevant content with some great tips and tools provided.

Tiffany Eastgate Tandem Travel

One of the most engaging workshops I have attended - a workshop where the information is useful, and sinks in - I walked away feeling confident I could teach the tools I have learnt to someone else.

Kimberley Stevens, Tararua District Council

Simplistic, practical and easy to apply.

Jin Cowan GNS Science

I attended this workshop as not only am I a busy professional, I'm a working single mother, and chair a committee. As a result I have a lot of balls up in the air, and unfortunately some important opportunities have slipped from my grasp in the past. Right from the beginning one of Frank's first pieces of advice was to capture items by writing them down to clear your mind: so simple but so effective. Learning to understand what people desire, and presenting the task or message to them in a way to effect buy-in hugely valuable also - from colleagues, to one's children, to wayward committee members. Time management, stakeholder and risk analysis, brainstorming, large-scale diagramming with scrum boards - such valuable tools. As I integrate what I learnt into my daily life, the more organised I am, and the less stress I feel. And, according to Frank, I will now live longer! Hurray!

Tamara Jones, Tauranga District Council

Fantastic! I personally enjoyed using these techniques - particularly for creative projects that involve communities, iwi and businesses.

Kawika Aipa, Porirua City Council

Simplistic, practical and easy to apply.

Jin Cowan GNS Science

DOSAC offers a down to earth approach to project management - easy to plan and easy to implement

Joy Kopa, Tararua District Council

A great workshop to help create, develop and implement project management in real life expectations and constraints. An awesome presenter using humour, real life experiences and chocolate to get the best out of us.

Lara Stott, Kaipara District Council

Was great, recommended!

Andrew Rowe, Porirua City Council

Exceptionally good course. Great to develop simple, modern skills that can be utilised now!

Alistair Dunlop, Kaipara District Council

Great workshop – really enjoyed everyone in the room. Helpful tips which I will definitely implement in my projects.


We were having an issue with preparing a submission for an All of Government contract. The Integral Group helped us by providing sound advice and facilitation through the process of preparing for the submission. We felt fully supported and that The Integral Group understood our needs entirely. We would not hesitate to seek out the professional advice and support of The Integral Group if we were in need of procurement or bid advice.

Anita Murdoch Forte Recruitment

Frank was a great facilitator. The information was tailored to our needs and the pace of the workshop was good. Frank?s use of humour and inclusive approach was refreshing. Thanks!

Jess Hollis, Kaipara District Council

The course provided significant and valuable insight for our procurement teams on supplier perspectives of good tender & engagement processes, and likely unintended consequences potentially resulting in reduced outcomes for agencies.

Stan Pope FCIPS, IRD Corporate Procurement

Excellent workshop. I came away with tools and techniques to improve my project management role. Great two days.

Jenny Rooney, Kaipara District Council

Knowledgeable facilitators; good content with real world examples. Good tool set with practicable application

Kieran Chapman, Inland Revenue Department

Kept it fun. Great balance of work.

Andrew Howells, Kaipara District Council

Frank can teach procurement really well because he has done it as both a procurer and a supplier – his anecdotes are real and relevant. His tools and tips are practical and can be applied straight away. Thanks Frank!

Margot Brough Inland Revenue Department

This workshop will help me apply improved project management skills and processes to deliver great policy outcomes for the Kaipara district.

Kathie Fletcher, Kaipara District Council

Great practical strategies and approaches presented in a format that is achievable to put into practice straight away in my work.

Catherine Pfister Inland Revenue Department

Great course with lots of good content and very well-delivered. Highly recommend.

Hamish Watson, Kaipara District Council

Clearly defined the basic elements of procurement and how they can be incorporated into your everyday work life.

Martyn Dodd Inland Revenue Department

Frank is a great facilitator and the course is well put together and great value.

Chris Burke, Selwyn District Council

TIGL Introduction to Procurement gives everyone a good range of tools to be successful in Procurement.

Katherine Cody Inland Revenue Department

If you’re after a high energy, impacting workshop, this is it!

Leigh McKenzie, Dunedin City Council

Great team building and confirming foundation knowledge. Teaches you, you can always learn something new.

Sharon Petherick Inland Revenue Department

We were struggling to know where to start when putting together our RFP response. When pointed in the direction of The Integral Group we were fortunate enough to receive guidance from Frank Aldridge. Without Frank's knowledge and patience it would have been very difficult to produce a document we were proud of. As a company we have learnt a lot in the process and are now able to utilise the writing skills learnt for future projects. I highly recommend Frank and his team and hope to work with them again in the future.

Lee Leighton Pivotal Thames

Providing tools to improve efficiencies.

Jacquie Muir, Kapiti Coast District Council

Excellent course, well worth the time. Highly recommended. Walked away with a greater understanding of Procurement and excellent tools to assist with each task!

Bridget Pope Ministry of Health

Opened my eyes and showed me a better and easier way to achieve my goals through negotiation

Callum Armstrong, Tauranga City Council

Great tools to enhance your knowledge of project management.

Shakhin Sharma, Kaipara District Council

No right way or wrong way – clarification

Diana Fuimaono Inland Revenue Department

Frank is a very competent presenter who engages with his audience to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the subject matter. Thanks

Denise Hyde, Tauranga City Council

Food for thought – there is always something new

Beverley Stevens Inland Revenue Department

Great workshop from an experienced, fun presenter

Bryce Phillipson, Tauranga City Council

Great positive tools to get what you want, have fun, games without anyone losing an eye!

Clint Neilson, Tauranga City Council

Really enjoyable and interactive programme. Highly recommend to anyone who uses negotiations in their daily lives

Thomas Christie, Tauranga City Council

Very well-presented, excellent course. [Contract Management, 2 day]

Doug Weihing Kaipara District Council

Opened my eyes and showed me a better and easier way to achieve my goals through negotiation

Callum Armstrong, Tauranga City Council

I was very new to this area of work so this course has helped me amazingly. I know how to set up some very helpful tools for contract management. [Contract Management, 2 day]

Heather Gaby South Waikato District Council

Frank is a very competent presenter who engages with his audience to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the subject matter. Thanks

Denise Hyde, Tauranga City Council

A great learning opportunity, very interactive but also providing great tools and advice. I have two processes coming up for contracting services and took away a heap of tools and processes I can apply right away. [Contract Management, 2 day]

Jennie McFarlane Waipa District Council

Good practical, common sense tools and course

Lynley Speers, Inland Revenue

Great workshop from an experienced, fun presenter

Bryce Phillipson, Tauranga City Council

Enjoyable and informative process training based on hands-on experience and tried methodologies. Would recommend. [Contract Management, 2 day]

Penny Hope Wellington City Council

Great positive tools to get what you want, have fun, games without anyone losing an eye!

Clint Neilson, Tauranga City Council

Informative and practical content that can and should be applied in real life situations. [Contract Management, 2 day]

Paul Brake Ashburton District Council

Informative workshop with practical examples.

Tim Doornkamp, Waimakariri District Council

Really enjoyable and interactive programme. Highly recommend to anyone who uses negotiations in their daily lives

Thomas Christie, Tauranga City Council

Great course. [Contract Management, 2 day]

Reuben Rink Waikato District Council

I learnt a lot of useful tools to help me on my journey of becoming a project manager. Thanks Frank and Simon!

Claudia Button, Waimakariri District Council

Excellent presentation by Frank, informative and interesting throughout. Thank you

Gary Barnsley, Tauranga City Council

Extremely useful and entertaining workshop, learnt a lot and had fun doing it. [Contract Management, 2 day]

Daniel Allen Ruapehu District Council

Great workshop! Very entertaining with lots of amazing tools to make project management easy and efficient.

Belen Rada, Waimakariri District Council

Frank is a great teller of stories, his real life experiences really drive home the learnings.

Stuart Goodman, Tauranga City Council

Great course, learned a lot.

Glenn Kempton, Waimakariri District Council

An enjoyable course which moves at a good pace, provides an understanding of using a number of useful tools which can easily be applied to my Category Management role

Lindsay Johnson, ACC

Excellent presentation by Frank, informative and interesting throughout. Thank you

Gary Barnsley, Tauranga City Council

Great course, well presented. Thank you very much.

Aaron Kibblewhite, Waimakariri District Council

Frank is a great teller of stories, his real life experiences really drive home the learnings.

Stuart Goodman, Tauranga City Council

Great course! Loads of pragmatic tools and approaches based on loads of experience.

Gerard Brown, Firstgas Group

I found the training to be really useful and will be a huge help in project planning and delivery

Lynn Hall, Nelson City Council

Great workshop. Frank gives a straight up view of project management with some easy to use tools to help you to start somewhere.

Ange Blair, Firstgas Group

Excellent learning opportunity to vastly improve project (and life) management that is fun-filled and packed with practical examples and experience.

Richard Frizell, Nelson City Council

A well delivered workshop that is highly relevant to the successful management of local government projects.

Matt Heale, Nelson City Council

One of the best workshops I have attended in a long time – engaging, practical, and will be an asset to my role.

Shanine Hermsen, Nelson City Council

These group make things real

Nicky Chalker The Knowledge Warehouse Ltd

Insightful approach using real life experiences

Richard Spencer Booker Spalding Ltd

Frank delivers complex information in a fun and inclusive way that is highly engaging and thought provoking – while highly being practical.

Peter Couchman Managing Director, Dale Carnegie Wellington

Don’t stress, talk it out. Life is too short to worry about matching socks!

Sue Green Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi

I found the course informative, interesting and fun

Fran Smith Ergo-OT Ltd

Had an amazing time on this course. Frank is an exceptional facilitator and made the information relevant and, most importantly, fun.

Stacey McGougan Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi

This course takes the fear and stress out of project management. From now on starting projects will be so much easier.

Graham Pollard, Waipa DC

I feel more confident about engaging (or not) in the RFP process

Serenah Nicholson

Informative, relevant, useful, fun - this workshop delivers all this plus more. Thank you.

Kristal Boynton Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi

Provides an insightful review of project management from high level initiaves through to the minor details. Received valuable and applicable tools for any project. Would highly recommend.

Fiona Lewis, Wellington CC

I thought I was coming to refresh, instead it has realigned my views on contract management. Very, very rewarding.

Jim Finlay, Whakatane District Council

Frank is an inspirational and entertaining presenter who knows his stuff. The key to his appeal is the plethora of true situational stones, learned over many years.

Charlie Dickson NZ Consulting Engineers

Another great session, informative and provided more tools to assist with not only work scenarios but situations in life too.

Bridget Pope, ACC

Some excellent techniques and tools that will help in future success in projects.

Peter Marshall Kaipara District Council

This workshop provides practical tools to use in a local government setting. Frank is lots of fun and I enjoyed the hands-on approach.

Justine Kennedy, Waipa DC

Changed my mindset on how it could be done. Highlighted a way forward for numerous contracts

Ari Erickson, Opotiki District Council

Simplistic, practical and easy to apply.

Jin Cowan GNS Science

It has been my pleasure to attend and I have learnt so much.

Carol Krishnan, ACC

Great course – easy and simple to understand. Project management made easy 101.

Dean Nuralli Kaipara District Council

Fun, interactive and enjoyable course from which there are loads of learnings.

Sherryn Owen, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Walked in with little knowledge of contract management, leaving with good insight into the overall process.

Anthony Kirikiri, Opotiki District Council

Well worth my time. Very clear, concise and relevant content with some great tips and tools provided.

Joy Hellyer Scenario Communications Ltd

Great skills that can be applied to my role

Hamish Johnson, ACC

Well worth the time. Many techniques transfer to life, not just work.

Lisa Salter Kaipara District Council

Brilliant for all levels of experience.

Donna Hawkins, Southland DC

Great to learn this the right way from the beginning.

Rob Williamson, Environment Southland

Good pragmatic approach to responding to RFPs.

Larry Lepper The Knowledge Warehouse Ltd

Yes, brilliant workshop and I learned more than just about negotiation but a tool to solve problems!!!

Jai Forrester, ACC

This project management course is fundamental to all levels of experience, providing tools to make project management easy.

Dwayne Claassen Kaipara District Council

Great learning and outcomes.

Colin Dudley, South Taranaki DC

Practical tools for immediate application, realistic real-world examples.

Audrey Dench, Masterton District Council

Highly recommend this workshop. Very useful information presented in a succinct and engaging way.

Paul Babbage Lift Education

Great course with tools ready to use.

Lindsay Johnson, ACC

Worthwhile training that I can easily and effectively use in both day to day and bigger picture projects.

Annie van der Plas Kaipara District Council

An excellent 2 day course! Get some awesome tools in your toolbox to be an awesome Project Manager!

Milly Farquhar, Bay of Plenty of Regional Council

Really good ideas on how to achieve more in less time while ensuring the integrity of the process. I’m going to change some things up.

Vionne de Villiers, Hamilton City Council

Frank had fun and enhanced his reputation.

Alex Collins Lift Education

I now feel confident to manage a complex project and this training has given me great skills and a vast toolkit.

Gina Knowles Kaipara District Council

I used the principles taught with my team and have really noted a lift/difference in output and engagement between team members.

Jodie Lawson, Rotorua Lakes Council

Excellent course full of insight and real tools to use back at the office. Enjoyed the workshop. Down to earth and practical.

Paula Shelton Write Group Ltd

Frank is a fantastic facilitator in the project management space. Does not just focus on concepts but also delves into behaviour and psych elements – change management techniques.

Hannah Gillespie Kaipara District Council

Really good workshop with lots of live examples and case studies.

Pushpander Sharma, Rotorua Lakes Council

Thoroughly enjoyable and useful workshop for anybody who is either new or well experienced in the tender process.

Lindsay Muir Safe Air Ltd

Have attended a fantastic course which has given me a wealth of value which I can implement in the future.

George Lewis Kaipara District Council

Great fun and engaging course!

Kelly Fletcher, Rotorua Lakes Council

Excellent practical presentation.

Elspeth Horner Mahony Burrowes Legal

A great refresher on how to enhance or change bad habits.

Rob Osman Red Wolf High Level Security

A great course to help you learn a few simple practices to make all aspects of your life more successful.

Will Bamford, Rotorua Lakes Council

The energy and passion were easily visible. It definitely felt like they were so passionate about the subject. Awesomely applicable tools that I can easily apply to my work. Nga mihi Kouton.

Josh Palmer Central Region Technical Advisory Services

This is a really good introduction to project management and I highly recommend it.

Richard Dahlenburg, Rotorua Lakes Council

Very straight forward and interactive. Also need had heaps of fun!

Jane Hireme New Plymouth District Council

An excellent workshop presented in a fun, interesting way. I learnt a lot of practical ideas I can put into practice.

Marie Ellis AIS Corporation

I found the workshop to be very focused and delivered a lot of good ideas, tips and tools in completing a project. The key is in the fun way it was delivered.

Robert Atkinson, Rotorua Lakes Council

A fantastic, practical training course with excellent tools for operational & management staff alike. I would highly recommend it.

Tamara Dytor Southland District Council

The best workshop I have attended!

Zaynah Ahmad Central Region Technical Advisory Services

I found the workshop to be very focused and delivered a lot of good ideas, tips and tools in completing a project. The key is in the fun way it was delivered.

Robert Atkinson, Rotorua Lakes Council

I came in knowing little about procurement, and left after 2 days confident in approaching a project knowing I have some great tools in my toolbox.

Heather Edmeades Whangarei District Council

Very well-informed. Simply put, understandable.

Satbhama Narayan Central Region Technical Advisory Services

Frank is a fantastic facilitator and the content of this workshop can be applied to a range of roles and activities. Tools are easy to implement and will have lasting benefits.

Sue Owens, Kapiti Coast District Council

For someone who is learning from scratch, this has been extremely informative & interactive. Full on but great.

Debbie Board Hurunui District Council

Awesome, fast-paced, practical workshop. Took lots out of it. 3 hours well spent.

Olga Speranskaya NZ Trade and Enterprise

I really appreciated the humour and enthusiasm the content was presented with. Paired with the amazing range of experience, it was a very informative and enjoyable 2 days. I loved the structures and frameworks shared.

Eilish Andrews, Kapiti Coast District Council

Couldn’t recommend enough – so great

Isobel Tocker Wellington City Council

Great project examples – made the theory and strategies make sense. Frank got overall engagement from all participants.

Lee Greedus, Kapiti Coast District Council

Was professionally presented matching the workshop content, this is relevant to the point

David Jacobs Wellington City Council

Very practical and interactive workshop. Lots of takeaways.

Pei Shan Gan, Kapiti Coast District Council

Very helpful workshop with really practical tools

Ali Hamblin, Nelson City Council

If group was selected based on PM experience training could have been more focused to needs of individuals.

Simon Ruddenklau, Kaipara District Council

Really enjoyed this workshop which has given me some useful refinement tools in my busy work life

Gabrielle Thorpe, Nelson City Council

Amazing, fun, enjoyable 2 days and learnt heaps.

Jane Carroll, Environment Southland

As an organisation that has struggled with culture changes, this workshop facilitated some awesome, constructive conversations and allowed us all to see different perspectives. Thank you - and I can’t wait to recommend this kind of training to the wider organisation.

Siobahn Holster, Kaipara District Council

Really enjoyed the workshop with Frank, his delivery style was really engaging and fun, providing me with real tools I can use in my mahi. Thanks Frank!

Barry Caldwell, NorthChamber

This workshop provides a practical application of project management that can be used in every day project and decision making

Gary Alsop, Nelson City Council

Great range of practical tools that I?ll be able to use straight away on a broad range of projects.

Bernadette Hunt, Gore District Council

Thank you Frank and the team for a wonderfully put together and facilitated workshop. Exceptional learnings, and tips and tricks to make worklife in project world so much better.

Lara Stott, Kaipara District Council

You need to be here if you want to move forward.

James Whittaker, Ratonga Mahi Peita

Fantastic fun informative 2-day course – which is thought provoking and useful for all levels in the workforce

Ian Tyler, Nelson City Council

A great way to put theory into practice through real life case studies and practical examples, in a fun and easily digestible way. Thank you Frank!

Ceri Macleod, Gore District Council

Hands-on, pragmatic and applicable learnings, thanks heaps.

Craig Goodwin, Ashburton District Council

Excellent workshop, great tools and techniques. Would recommend it.

Jenny Rooney, Kaipara District Council

Wonderful, practical event for businesses. Great tools and interaction!

Jade Williams, Whangarei District Council

Fun, engaging, and sure to help improve our reputation!

Lisa Morrison, Nelson City Council

Very interactive workshop. Real world examples.

Bert Tobia, Environment Southland

What could be considered a hard project broken down brilliantly and simplified.

Candice McNaught, Ruapehu District Council

I feel a lot more comfortable in my role as a Project Manager. I can also use some of the other info, i.e. DESCA, in my role as a people manager.

Nadine Spring, Kaipara District Council

Really great workshop, reminds you what’s important in a holistic way.

Paulette Scrooby, NorthChamber

Engaging, clear, relevant. Well done and well received.

Mitch Pownall, Nelson City Council

Worth every minute.

Kirsten Harper, Environment Southland

Frank is an absolute expert in this! He made project management fun and engaging. Great personal approach and got everyone involved.

Harriet Lock-Ingham, New Plymouth District Council

Awesome 2 day workshop! Will change project management forever!

Katherine Overwater, Kaipara District Council

Very engaging, exciting presenter.

Dauwie Morgan, Whangarei Youth Space

Project management was part of my day to day work life. I did not know this until the course showed me. Now I can really have input into any project I am involved with in the future.

Michael Ogden, Nelson City Council

A must for people involved in biggish projects.

Dave Moate, Environment Southland

Really effective 2-day course offering great tools and templates. Brought the group at our course very quickly together.

Lorna Jackson, Dunedin City Council

Simplified the “dark art” of procurement in a team environment so all got the same message against shared challenges.

Rob Foley, Capital & Coast District Health Board

Left wanting more. Will be at the next workshop for sure.

Doreen Rihari, Family Support (Mid North)

Very helpful workshop with really practical tools

Ali Hamblin, Nelson City Council

Great tools – great presenter.

Jane Pearson, Porirua City Council

Great workshop, lots of common sense tools you can use. Would recommend.

Hayley Neilson, Capital & Coast District Health Board

A wealth of project management techniques and work hacks.

Ian Telfer, Dunedin City Council

Really enjoyed this workshop which has given me some useful refinement tools in my busy work life

Gabrielle Thorpe, Nelson City Council

Use the guiding principles as your main attraction.

Nathan Tupe, Porirua City Council

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and gained valuable skills that can be applied not just in a work context but into any area in life. I highly recommend this to all.

Kate McNabb, Capital & Coast District Health Board

I think every team should do this regardless of their role.

Paula Myers, Dunedin City Council

Would definitely recommend this training to anyone. I learnt so much. Thank you so much

Nina Frahm, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

This workshop provides a practical application of project management that can be used in every day project and decision making

Gary Alsop, Nelson City Council

Fun; enjoyable; fast-paced learning and recaps; first time but feel confident; food – fabulous!

Sarah Maher, Capital & Coast District Health Board

Great tools for learners or experts.

Paula Barragan, Dunedin City Council

The workshop was so much more than project management. Frank provided many life skills tips and guidance to assist with any scenario or issue, opportunity in life.

Laurissa Cooney, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Fantastic fun informative 2-day course – which is thought provoking and useful for all levels in the workforce

Ian Tyler, Nelson City Council

Never too old for a fresh look at the business world.

Andrew Loveridge, Capital & Coast District Health Board

Great workshop, for more than just project management.

Stacey Hitchcock, Dunedin City Council

Kia kaha kouto Maori ma. Hire Frank to give a PM delivery. Awesome sessions. Thank you.

TeAraroa Wetini, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Fun, engaging, and sure to help improve our reputation!

Lisa Morrison, Nelson City Council

Great workshop – very practical advice regarding soft skills and facilitation.

Dave Anderson, Capital & Coast District Health Board

Super engaging project management workshop – how is that even possible!?! Interspersed with life lessons and well-being tips – very inspiring! Thank you!

Janet Young, Dunedin City Council

Awesome into to “Project Management”.

Andy Katu, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Engaging, clear, relevant. Well done and well received.

Mitch Pownall, Nelson City Council

Really interesting workshop not like other boring project management workshops. If you are involved in the project management field directly or indirectly then do it right now.

Tathagat Shah, Dunedin City Council

Project management was part of my day to day work life. I did not know this until the course showed me. Now I can really have input into any project I am involved with in the future.

Michael Ogden, Nelson City Council

Really good workshop, far better than expected, managed to have fun and learn lots.

Rick Zwaan, Dunedin City Council

We are a small trade company in Wellington and wished to prepare an RFP document for a Government Tender. Having never done one of these previously we were struggling with the very detailed document and did not wish to complete it with inadequate answers.

Seeking help, we contacted The Integral Group and received a rapid response from them. An appointment was set up and we spent the afternoon with their Director, Frank Aldridge, and one of his amazing team. This was a very interactive few hours from which our formulated replies were used to complete the RFP document and our pricing information was set out in a very professional presentation.

We were so impressed by their assistance and they made us feel very much at ease during the consultation process. We learnt a lot from Frank in how to present our tender which will help us with future presentations, however we would not hesitate to seek out his advice again if we need to.

Our company has since been awarded the tender and we have no doubt that this is in no small way due to the assistance of Frank and The Integral Group team.

Dawn & Mike, Elm Decorators Ltd

Excellent organised, a lot of participation. Knowledge good for both work and outside work

Bill Chou, Kaipara District Council

A must for business improvement

Brian Armstrong, Kaipara District Council

Very good training on Project Management

Chandra Dissanayake, Kaipara District Council

Very down to earth approach to contracting that favours both the supplier and the client.

Lynn Anderson, Nelson City Council

Practical, useful, understandable and refreshing balance to the Prince2 type courses

Duncan McAulay, Kaipara District Council

I found the workshop full of helpful information and enjoyed the interactive nature of it.

Craig Prebble, Environment Canterbury

Awesome interactive course with lots of simple yet smart techniques that can be used by all

Leonie Guy Hankins, Kaipara District Council

The workshop was useful for understanding more about the contract process. Particularly the importance of building good relationships in managing contracts. Thanks.

Keryn Roberts, Environment Southland

Great training course. I have delivered major power projects for 14 years; this 2 day workshop has prepared me to face confidently local government projects.

Michael Teasdale, Westland District Council

Frank is an entertaining and lively presenter. He obviously knows his stuff and was able to give us great tips and share his knowledge

Linda Osborne, Kaipara District Council

Great tools and skills for effective Contract Management, all while having fun!

Salsabil Elmegreisi, Greater Wellington Regional Council

This course was very engaging and used simple methods to get the ideas through. Frank was a very effective and entertaining facilitator, will gladly have him come back.

Winnie Dowell-de Quadros, Westland District Council

Learn now and not later!

Rohit Srivastana, Kaipara District Council

On many previous Contract Management courses attended, the content has been too theoretical. If you are looking for a course that is simple, clear and practical and can be implemented quickly…this is it!

Deborah Kessell-Haak, Greater Wellington Regional Council

FANTASTIC…..or should I say “Franktastic”!

Aimee Jorgensen, Westland District Council

I enjoyed my time learning and developing my skills and knowledge.

Rachael Evans, Porirua City Council

This Contract Management course will help me initiate a wider culture change within my council.

Dave Neal, Horizons Regional Council

This is a great course with logical, practical tools that are absolutely relevant in my role at the DHB

Anna-Marie Ruhe Waitemata DHB/ Auckland DHB

Not only was the food great, the tools and information was pleasurable too.

Natasha Davis, Porirua City Council

Learn to do this stuff the right way.

Richard Gater, New Plymouth District Council

This is one of the best workshops ever and would recommend for all people who hold positions of responsibility that can change people’s lives

Wai Vercoe Waitemata/Auckland DHB

Walk the talk. Keep doing what you are doing.

Nathan Tupe, Porirua City Council

Great facilitation. Engaging and very supporting using tools/templates useful for work.

Maria Lafaele Waitemata/Auckland DHB

Well worth the investment. Great tools to help manage projects more efficiently and effectively.

Lorraine Walmsley, Porirua City Council

An informative and enjoyable course where learning is embedded through discussing a working through actual procurement projects. Thanks

Leanne Kirton Waitemata/Auckland DHB

Learnt so much over the past two days. Highly recommend Frank and the project management workshop.

Megan Rickerby, Porirua City Council

Really helpful, pragmatic and easy to follow workshop presentation and content. There are multiple applications of the information presented over and above just procurement, i.e. project management.

Aroha Haggie Waitemata/Auckland DHB

A valuable set of tools for saving time and smashing stress.

Bee Trudgeon, Porirua City Council

Kept it real and enjoyable.

Kerry Hiini Waitemata/Auckland DHB

Very enjoyable and empowering.

Keith Calder, Porirua City Council

A great 2 day workshop that gave me a lot of tools I can see will clearly help me organise and manage my work, and that of my team.

Rachel Haydon, National Aquarium of NZ

Thanks for a most informative & educational workshop and all the laughs. Great stories hugely useful information. Much appreciated, Lisbeth

Lisbeth Alley Waitemata/Auckland DHB

10/10 – A workshop that provides useful and practical tips for the time-poor Project Manager.

Matt Adamson, Napier City Council

Frank and Kerry excellent facilitators and provide really relevant content for today’s tendering environment.

Colin Lunn, Hutt City Council

Who would have thought that a 2-day workshop on procurement could be fun and informative.

Lee Reygate Waitemata/Auckland DHB

Extremely helpful training for those hoping to pick up new skills and tools in project management.

Mandy Young, Napier City Council

Both were great. Thanks loads.

Beckee Lunn, Hutt City Council

Very helpful and practical, thanks so much!

Leani Sandford Waitemata/Auckland DHB

Comprehensive and use of real-world examples.

Peter Denton, Nelson City Council

I never knew learning such an intense, serious subject could be so fun!

Theresa Rongonui Waitemata/Auckland DHB

Strategies and tools learnt from training will help me to organise/manage perceived complicated process into a simple format that could be easily understood & followed by my stakeholders (internal & external).

Sione Feki Waitemata/Auckland DHB

Very good value workshop.

Natalie Desmond Waitemata/Auckland DHB

Amazing opportunity and so many useful and practical insights into leading a more productive life – both personal & work life.

Malina Parkinson Waitemata/Auckland DHB

This has been the best procurement workshop I have been participated in.

Manu Fotu Waitemata/Auckland DHB

This was a great workshop and having been involved in procurement process with Frank he certainly walks the walk.

Tony Collins, Whangarei District Council

Really great couple of days. Very professional and thought out. Great flow and clear learning objectives. Even if you think you know and are performing on point, do it, it never hurts to refresh and refocus.

Eddie Wotherspoon, Whangarei District Council

A great introduction to procurement with loads of useful tips and strategies. But more importantly helpful tools that can be used in many other ways both in business and personal life.

Claire Walls, Whangarei District Council

Not only informative but a good time was had by all.

Werner Theron, Whangarei District Council

Simple, effective, appropriate.

Mike Hibbert, Whangarei District Council

An interactive workshop with practical examples and useful tools. Well-delivered by knowledgeable experts in the field.

Delyse Henwood, Whangarei District Council

Great workshop that puts practical and real solutions in place for SLAs and procurement.

Paul Cook, Whangarei District Council

Down to earth, practical tools for success and build project management skills and confidence.

Alix Campbell, Upper Hutt City Council

Excellent 2 days, well worth the time investment. Thank you.

Malcolm Perry, Whangarei District Council

Highly recommend ? very practical and realistic with great tools to use.

Marion Read, Upper Hutt City Council

Easy, informal and informative.

Alex Breeze Northland Road Markers Limited

Feeling much more confident in managing projects.

Trudie Adams, Upper Hutt City Council

Lively, relevant, excellent workshop. Keeps you focussed. High energy.

Maea Pivac Tai Tokerau Trades Training

Absolutely amazing workshop. I have learnt so much over the last few days and feel confident and empowered to bring the learning outcomes back to my workplace.

Connor Spence, Upper Hutt City Council

Great workshop! Informative and engaging.

Alice Lewis-Sneyd Tai Tokerau Trades Training

This is one course that you should seriously consider. Provides skills that not only make your work-life easier, but your home-life too.

Leyla Paine, Upper Hutt City Council

Good workshop course.

Cody Takiari Waterproofing Specialist Limited

Very good useful stuff to grow, improve or to become genius.

Sam Panthan, Upper Hutt City Council

Great presentation. Helped me understand key principles and how to use them at workplace as well as in personal life.

Prasad Metla, Porirua City Council

Frank delivered an incredibly valuable and interesting workshop

Ellen Nicol, Ashburton District Council

Practical stuff, useful, easy, clear understanding and fun while learning.

Jakir Hussain, Upper Hutt City Council

Great energy. Stuff that you can’t learn from a textbook.

Ricki Coles, Greater Wellington Regional Council

An enjoyable and informative session with great takeaway tips

Ian Soper, Ashburton District Council

I left with some great practical tools that I will take back and put to use in my projects immediately.

Katy McGinity, Western Bay of Plenty District Council

I have left this workshop well informed on project management

Jenny Soal, Ashburton District Council

A very informative and relevant course. Uses relevant examples and provides real life tools.

Rachel Freeth, Marlborough District Council

Learnt a lot, very engaging

Mel Neumann, Ashburton District Council

Highly recommend for those new to Project Management.

Lance Kennedy, Whanganui District Council

Frank is full of energy and can easily get some big concepts across to a mixed bag of staff.

Shirin Khosraviani, Ashburton District Council

Having an internal 2-day workshop was such a good move. Expanding the invitation to other teams saw an alignment in thinking, communication and expertise. A definite avenue for internal collaboration. Thank you!

Ellie Davidson, Sport New Zealand

Excellent course, pragmatic and real world based with usable tools to compliment.

Stan Pope, Inland Revenue

The tools provided will be of great use personally and to the organisation.

John Ridd, Taupo District Council

Frank and Kerry are very knowledgeable and well practised, the workshop is run very smoothly with just the right amount of participation.

Lindsey MacPhail, South Taranaki District Council

Took away some practical, easy to use tools that I will use with my team and the wider organisation.

Andrew Moor, Taupo District Council

Great workshop, very useful information that I can actually see myself using.

Kylie Haberfield, Environment Southland

Excellent value and learnt some easy tools to use in procurement and general work.

Tina Jakes, Taupo District Council

All concepts and ideas described with examples so I could imagine how they could be applied to what I do.

Alexandra King, Environment Southland

Great workshop with lots of good content, and easy to learn.

Cheyanne Robertson-Carey, Environment Southland

Good content, relevant. Well presented. Can be used in other areas of council not just project management.

Shaun Freemantle, Porirua District Council

Frank explained project management in a way which made sense to non project managers.

Delia Riley, Environment Southland

An enjoyable way to improve skills and negotiation outcomes. You retain more if you enjoy the process.

Russell McGuigan, Tasman District Council

“Nothing changes unless we change” – Frank’s given us the tools to do so!

Lucy Hicks, Environment Southland

Well worth it, I got so much out of this!

Jack Cerfontaine, Tasman District Council

This workshop gave simple solutions to potentially complicated issues/problems. Kept it simple.

Rob Williamson, Environment Southland

I found the training to be hugely helpful and timely. I have already started to use the DOSAC and have planned a Right Track Meeting this week for an LTP project that I am helping with, so very much trying to adopt some of the very practical techniques that were shared. A big thanks for providing access to the templates. This is a fantastic resource.

Julie-Anne Macphee, Hawke's Bay Regional Council

More than just procurement! Lots of great practical tools to use in your everyday workplace.

Sue Shaw Taupo District Council

Great course with a fantastic instructor who makes difficult processes seem so simple.

Bruce Bromwich, Marlborough District Council

Right Track makes projects clear and fun.

Ben Vorster, South Taranaki District Council

Would recommend this project management course to any local/regional council employee. Practical solutions and real situations help to cement learning.

Sarah Nicholson, Horizons Regional Council

This course was excellent value for money. Frank is a dynamic and skilful presenter, getting straight to the point, and underscoring the key stages of project management with a wealth of experience and engaging examples in a way that was both inspiring and relevant. It was so valuable tackling this subject from a local government perspective. I came away from the course with a kit of low tech tools, templates and references I will be using in all my future projects. I highly recommend this course to all local government staff working in a project management environment or who are thinking of doing so.

Vyvien Starbuck-Maffey Kapiti Coast DC

Great content; well-prepared and delivered; great enthusiasm.

Graeme Pointon, Rangitikei District Council

Great course - involving people is the best way to learn other than talking to them

Robert Hutchinson, Marlborough District Council

Frank brought procurement process to life in a really enjoyable clear and concise way

Cate Wallace Waitemata DHB

A great mix of detailed information and practical tasks.

Kerry Phillips Selwyn DC

Frank is an excellent presenter. Will attend more courses run by him.

Dan Lewis, Waimakariri District Council

Very helpful workshop with lots of great knowledge around project management and psychology to manage people and teams.

Adina Foley, Rangitikei District Council

Easy, fun way to learn complex processes

Jean-Marie Bush Waitemata DHB

Frank is a great facilitator with a wealth of practical knowledge and experience.

Simon Young Hamilton CC

Frank is a great trainer, who keeps things fun and light-hearted but manages to cover plenty in 2 days. I found the workshop hugely beneficial with practical tools I can take straight back to work.

Megan Wilson, Horizons Regional Council

I was able to learn tools that will support myself and my team to win.

Fila Fuamatu, Sport New Zealand

A thought-provoking and useful project management course which provided much more, including life skills.

Katrina Gray Rantitikei DC

A must-do workshop for anyone who wants to reach their potential ? less stress more success ? and enable that through their teams, in their projects and communities. Fun, empowering, just awesome.

Rebecca Mackay, Whakatane District Council

Great mix of content delivered in a fast and engaging session.

Chloe Bishop, Sport New Zealand

This course provided me with the confidence and motivation to take on more project management tasks.

Rachel Pinny Horizons Regional Council

An extremely well-run, informative and professionally run course. Thoroughly enjoyed it ? learnt a lot. I will use the techniques and processes we covered.

Katherine Quill, Dunedin City Council

Lots of tips and tricks and frameworks to use to improve project management and successful delivery of projects. Ready to implement tomorrow!

Janette Brocklesby, Sport New Zealand

Very well presented. Lots of simple tools to use.

Kobus van der Merwe South Taranaki DC

The team listened to what we wanted from the course over and above what they offered and took great care to incorporate these throughout the session. Stellar!

Martini Miller-Panapa, Sport New Zealand

Fantastic, full-on project management course, with a fresh modern approach. I know I’ll succeed as a project manager in the future.

Simon Stewart Western Bay of Plenty DC

Fantastic project management workshop. Highly recommended! Must be at this one if you truly want to succeed in projects.

Peter Whisker Masterton DC

For a fresh outlook at project management invest in this course for everyone dealing with managing projects.

Phillipa Tsukigawa Timaru DC

Frank is an excellent trainer, very engaging. I will take away a lot of valuable tools for use in my workplace and everyday life.

Leigh Sage Palmerston North CC

A really informative and interactive workshop that has taught me skills I can put into practice. A great time!

Jessica White, Dunedin District City Council

This was an enjoyable training with good tools.

Tim Moffitt South Taranaki DC

I’d like to see royalties for using my “Don’t eat yellow snow” quote (I mentioned it to my wife, and she said she totally thought it was something I would say and use when teaching my kids to ski last year. Who knew?)

Stu Kilmister, Kapiti Coast District Council

Funny, positive, relevant workshop – essential training for local government project managers.

Antony Rewcastle, Hawkes Bay District Council

We saw a need to teach our people how to write effective business cases. This was the first course of its type Frank and the team had run, so it was also new to them. They provided an excellent day, great content and engaging delivery. “Will trade again”.

Richard Haines, Wētā FX Ltd

Frank runs a well planned, well thought out workshop that can be immediately transferred to workplace situation.

Dean Hosking, Ruapehu District Council

Having my father be the head of procurement it’s been great to have this course under my belt, because in 1 day I finally understand a bit of what he does. Frank and Kerry do a wonderful job of explaining everything for all levels and make things very engaging along the way! I went into today as a complete business case rookie and I’m leaving feeling that I could write a decent one for approval!

Jordyn Whangapirita, Wētā FX Ltd

I would recommend this course to anyone involved in project planning. I myself will use it in my work and home life.

Graham Watson, Kapiti Coast District Council

We saw a need to teach our people how to write effective business cases. This was the first course of its type Frank and the team had run, so it was also new to them. They provided an excellent day, great content and engaging delivery. “Will trade again”.

Richard Haines, Wētā FX Ltd

Great engaging, interactive presentations

Annetta Purdy, Waikato District Council

Workshop was very insightful and provides tooling and skills that can be taken back to the workplace and our offices.

Milan Bryce, Wētā FX Ltd

Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop – excellent presenter, has helped me to develop a project management plan for the election process this year.

Sandra Hartley, Tasman District Council

Fantastic workshop. Simple, practical, and most of all collaborative!

Andrew Ritson, South Taranaki District Council

Very good presentation

Aldrin Abad, Kapiti Coast District Council

Workshop was very insightful and provides tooling and skills that can be taken back to the workplace and our offices.

Milan Bryce, Wētā FX Ltd

A really good overview of the project lifecycle from start to finish

Amy Eden Thames-Coromandel District Council

For a first timer I thought that this was very good workshop and would recommend this to others

Robert Akuhata, Far North District Council

Keep bringing honesty to the environment.

Scott Lancaster, Te Whatu Ora

Interactive and engaging training session. Would definitely recommend to anyone requiring an introduction/overview of good project management practice and methodology

Katherine Davies, Thames-Coromandel District Council

A workshop that gives you useful tools you can use.

Glenn Wood, Upper Hutt City Council

Great practical overview of the procurement process end to end.

Matthew Whiting, Cotiss

Practical, fast-moving course that delivers essential project management basics

Nicola Read Thames-Coromandel District Council

Excellent, relevant, current material delivered in a great "team" environment.

Graeme Pointon Greater Wellington Regional Council

Easy to participate and interesting!

John Callahan, Porirua City Council

Well-presented and entertaining workshop led by a knowledgeable, experienced and personable practitioner. Highly recommended!!

Peter Wishart Thames-Coromandel District Council

Great workshop. Provides clarity around procurement process and tools to use.

Kumaren Pemural Waipa District Council

This 2 day workshop exceeded my expectations. It teaches you many tools that you can use anywhere in life. Very informative, enjoyable and most importantly, FUN!

Loren Collins, Porirua City Council

Wish I’d attended a workshop like this years ago. The information provided was clear and useful.

Lynlee Baily Thames-Coromandel District Council

Engaging and insightful speaker who had impact and relevancy with great tools for the real world.

Hayley Olliver New Plymouth District Council

Frank walks the talk with his facilitation. Great knowledge and really well facilitated.

Jenny O?Connor, Porirua City Council

Really enjoyed the workshop focusing on project management including what goes wrong, how to fix it, psychology and negotiation.

Rachel Bird, Otago Regional Council

Teaches simple, practical project management skills that can be applied straight away.

Christine Tye Thames-Coromandel District Council

A very good seminar that gets to the nitty-gritty of good procurement with good stories for illustration.

Dennis Bellamy Matamata-Piako District Council

A great course that will focus your whole team in one direction.

Sue Chapman, Porirua City Council

Practical ideas with minimal yawns!

Alicia Oye Thames-Coromandel District Council

This workshop was so beneficial as it provided an entire range of tools and techniques to undertake procurement processes in a local government environment.

Mike Manson Palmerston North City Council

Great topical workshop which will be helpful to all businesses and groups.

Phil Royle, Porirua City Council

Covered the basics well.

Tim Ure Selwyn District Council

Being new to Project Management I found the workshop to be beneficial to my Facilities Services.

Mark Williams, Porirua City Council

Highly recommend this workshop to connect with peers and learn tools to effectively manage projects.

Tamara Kingi, Matamata-Piako District Council

I found the presenter to be very well-informed on the topic he was discussing. He was friendly and I liked how he encouraged humour and fun into the topic.

I enjoyed attending the course and gained a lot of useful information that I can transfer into my role at the council.

Keri Harrison Selwyn District Council

This is a more fun than dry workshop.

Andrew Gray, Porirua City Council

Putting the ‘Man’ in project Management.

Marianne Archibald Wanganui District Council

Do this training if you want to turbo charge your project management.

Frank Begley, Whakatane District Council

Adding value to a group of people with varying knowledge.

Shane McGhie Wanganui District Council

A lot to get through, a lot learnt!

Racheal Western, Ashburton District Council

Frank is an engaging and bright presenter who uses real life examples to explain techniques. I listened to 100% of the course!

Kim Fort, Whakatane District Council

Good value, Good humour, good day!

Max Benseman Wanganui District Council

Frank was an outstanding and engaging presenter. The course flowed seamlessly and the content relevant. Highly recommend.

Richard Wood, Ashburton District Council

Great course, very practical and easy to implement

James Hildreth Wanganui District Council

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, very informative and not too complicated.

Danny McClure, Hastings District Council

It has enabled me to take a huge leap forward in project planning and management.

John McKenzie Ashburton District Council

Learning project management skills that puts a smile on any project you are considering

Rowena Dunn, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Awesome workshop!

Anahera McClutchie, Hastings District Council

I had fun learning project management techniques! I am hoping to go back to work less stressed and more successful in project management.

Salve Velasco Ashburton District Council

You may walk in skeptical but you will walk out amazed at what you have learned that is immediately useful.

Les Jones, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Lots to absorb - would need to go through the booklet now.

Rosemary Smith, Hastings District Council

I found the course extremely well-presented with the right balance of humour, information and instruction. The basic fundamentals of project management were well-covered, regardless of the specific disciplines of the participants.

Tony MacPherson Ashburton District Council

Having fun was definitely a highlight of this workshop. An added bonus was learning in a variety of ways about Project Management. Maori Ora!

Dezma Thrupp, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Difficult subject to present in one day. Picked up several new approaches that I haven’t seen.

Jason Collins, Hastings District Council

Recognised project management in the local government sector. This ensured the programme could relate to all parts of the organisation.

Brian Lester Ashburton District Council

You will not know what you are missing out on in your business until you have this workshop.

Mitchell Jaram, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

This course gave me a good base understanding of the project management process.

Jo Naylor Ashburton District Council

A truly beneficial workshop that integrates ideas, thinking, strategies, techniques and templates with work and life experiences.

Vaughn Bidois, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

The presenter was humorous and provided excellent and quality examples. Examples were real and well-demonstrated and explained. This showed his knowledge and where experience stemmed from.

Emma Threadwell Ashburton District Council

Succinct and relevant content. I will be putting the processes into use straight away.

Wendy Guthrie, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Great presenter who has been there and is doing it and can present as well.

Alison Vile Marlborough District Council

Fantastic and dynamic workshop that was relevant and well facilitated. Would recommend 100%

Carey Tuhaka, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

A very well-run course on a useful topic that will be helpful in my work going forward

Patrick Farrell Greater Wellington Regional Council

A dynamic and varied delivery of Project Management training. Very beneficial.

Keriana TeRire, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Some fantastic hands-on tools that can be used on any project ? big or small.

Jo Doherty, Rotorua Lakes Council

The workshop has given me really good tips on how to better manage my projects.

Leilani Salanguit Whakatane District Council

This workshop is more about people, relationships, and the power of planning. Attendees will be able to learn or reinforce tools that will simplify how to be successful in life and have fun!

Rachel Wetere, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Great tools – help to get things done fast. Refreshing with a focus on personal work ethic.

Doug Spittle, Tauranga City Council

Great fun course ? gets you thinking outside the box with simpler methods and faster pace.

Sue Skellern, Rotorua Lakes Council

Accelerated learning at its best – great course with lots of useful content in just one day.

Glenn Cooper Whakatane District Council

Fulfilled my objectives! I am armed with knowledge and ideas I can take back to my job.

Kirstyn Pilkinton, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

A refreshing change from your usual run-of-the-mill corporate training course. Fun, fast, and lots of chocolates!

Tamsin Oliver, Tauranga City Council

Well run and also had fun. Realistic techniques anyone could use.

Maelene Bell, Rotorua Lakes Council

The frameworks taught in this workshop will be instrumental to seeing our projects completed on time and at a high quality.

Cody Peneamene Grey District Council

Great collaborative workshop.

Jackeline Wharewera, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Excellent summarising of project planning which I perceived as complex. It does not need to be that hard. Learned lots of tools, simplifications. Loved it very much. Love the down to earth teaching too. – all it takes is 1 latte -

Erika Schuler, Tauranga City Council

What a great training session and 100% recommend Frank as a trainer and mentor who provided a lot of ?real life examples?.

Clark Pirika, Rotorua Lakes Council

Very practical and informative.

Paul Muller Tauranga City Council

Excellent workshop, well worth any organisation investing into this for their employees. An investment that saves money makes good business sense. Kia ora!

Marama Cook, Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi

Gives you tools to do the job well

James Jacobs, Tauranga City Council

Excellent way of building knowledge in a local government context. Very practical.

Rob O'Grady, Tasman District Council

I enjoyed Frank’s delivery of the project management course.

Howard Severinsen Tauranga City Council

Extremely thorough course that was entertaining and interactive.

Dani Jurgeleit, Tauranga City Council

This course has given me a new insight into contract management to contract the best.

Mark Ivamy, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Great workshop, good content, good presenter.

Smita Biswas Tauranga City Council

The workshop exceeded expectations and gave me the tools to manage a project on time with far less stress – I can sleep at night. Yes!!!

Linda Brown, Tauranga City Council

Second one I have attended by this presenter/company. As before, entertainment with learning ? well done.

Gary Harris, Hurunui District Council

Frank is extremely knowledgeable, humorous and engaging. He is an excellent facilitator and open to new ideas and disciplines to improve the group and himself. Highly recommended.

Crystal Johnston, Rangitīkei District Council

Frank provided me with skills that were clear to understand and which I’m very much looking forward to implementing into my next project.

David Maxwell Tauranga City Council

Simple, smart, and effective. Now I have to put the tools in practice at home and work, so it becomes second nature

Kelly Thompson, Te Maru O Ruahine Trust

Informative and thorough.

Haylee Carr, Queenstown Lakes District Council

Really thorough Project Management overview with many tools to use in real life situations.

Kiri Whiteman, Marlborough District Council

Very useful to lower level who have never done project management before.

Debbie Clarke Hauraki District Council

He Pounamu iti he pounamu nui

Moira Raukawa-Hoskell, Nga Puna Rau

Very collaborative workshop, beneficial to work with other councils.

Leonie Spalding, New Plymouth District Council

Interactive, informative and applicable content, this will definitely help me in the near future.

Teresa Shailer, Upper Hutt City Council

Informative and inclusive. A positive experience.

Shaun O’Brien Tauranga City Council

A well presented course that is well worth experiences

Neville Lomax, Te Maru O Ruahina Trust and Te Runanga o Ngati Hauiti

Excellent content, highly recommend for those in procurement and contract management roles.

Mohamed Imtiaz, Thames-Coromandel District Council

Time well spent – keeping things simple and having fun key takeaways.

Tom Hirst, The Salvation Army

This course was amazing. I’ve learnt great new techniques to help me manage my projects and succeed.

Suzanne Watt Otago Regional Council

Excellent workshop and highly recommended. Frank’s way is effective and fast to pick up.

Marj Heeney, Nga Puna Rau Rangitikei

Some great tools from woah to go for contract management and procurement planning.

Matt Busch, Thames-Coromandel District Council

Extremely informative course in a relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed all of it and would strongly recommend it to anyone, whatever their level of experience in project management.

Sylvia Leduc Otago Regional Council

Came in with no expectations – went out enthusiastic, informed, excited, and de-cluttered

Robert Martin, Te Maru O Ruahine Trust

This is a great course.

Megan Oliver Timaru District Council

Well worth doing, great content and presentation by Frank.

Steve Cave, Hastings District Council

Great workshop – very useful to a beginner! Lots to digest and further reading to do.

Emma Spalding Otago Regional Council

A great fun and interesting contract management workshop.

Leo Kronenburg, Hastings District Council

I would recommend this course to anyone undertaking project management. It is delivered in a clear, easy to understand way with useful templates which can be applied immediately.

Angela Couper Tauranga City Council

Frank is very passionate and informative in delivering the course context. He is easy to listen to and has inspired me to do better at my job and use my new tools.

Sarah Alexander Tauranga City Council

Liked the course and ideas given to make project management practical and not overly time-consuming.

Helen Giles Tauranga City Council

I found the workshop excellent, delivery was fun and interactive and the content provided me with some really valuable models that will assist me to work more efficiently in a range of day to day activities.

Lisa McKerrow Tauranga City Council

The project management workshop provided an arsenal of implementable, practical tools to use throughout a project, from implementation to close. A well-run, valuable course. Thank you!

Charlotte Haeusler Whakatane District Council

Great to be taught by someone who walks the talk!
I don't think I have ever been on a course where I could return to my desk and implement what I had learnt straight away.
My whole job is currently a project, so I was able to get organised last week, and things aren't so overwhelming anymore!
I am now in control and have plans in place to work smarter not harder. Thank you.

Vanessa Stewart Tauranga City Council

The most fun yet practical course I have been on.

Nicola Ogden Selwyn District Council

Clear and real advice on how to manage any project delivered with humour and professionalism. This is definitely going to help with the daily workload – thank you!

Sue Berry Tauranga City Council

Teaches a solid grounding in project and stress management techniques.

Clark Howard Selwyn District Council

Great tools to improve the way I do things.

Karen Grant Tauranga City Council

Great start, now I want to move on.

Craig Westley Selwyn District Council

"Yesterday I attended the 'Introduction to Project Management' course run by Frank Aldridge of The Integral Group Ltd. I have to say this is by far one of the best one day courses I have attended in 20+ years of working in both the government and private sector. Frank was one of the most effective facilitators I've seen and he kept the structure of the day and the content relevant and interactive. There was a great positive energy from everyone who attended, so we had a fun and informative day and came away with some vital tools we can all benefit from using on a daily basis. I highly recommend this course for anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to attend. Lisa McKerrow (Property Team)"

Posted on Tauranga City Council website

Project management made simple. Frank takes, what for most of us looks like an insurmountable mountain, and systematically, through simple and straightforward processes, turns even the most difficult project into a simple exercise.

Malcolm Johnston Waimakariri District Council

Having a personalised training session meant we were successful in our RFP. I was able to learn and understand how RFPs are assessed, and the importance of the scoring criteria. While responding in such a non-emotional way was a challenge, it meant I was able to structure my response to focus on being very specific with my answers - giving us a much better chance.

Nicki Stephens Capiche Design Ltd

Project management course with flare - you will NOT fall asleep, you will have FUN, you will project manage.

Sam White Tauranga City Council

Gave me the confidence I needed to project manage within my role.

Paula Myers Dunedin City Council

Outstanding project management workshop that was very specific and will further enable me to maintain a high level of work output.

Tony Arlidge Tauranga City Council

This is a great refresher course on project management and a great instructor for the course.

Amit Chauhan Selwyn District Council

Excellent workshop whether you manage projects all the time and want to upskill or if you are just starting out. Great techniques to take away.

Melony Atkins Tauranga City Council

Hugely beneficial to have clients and consultants in the same room hearing the same thing – we all go away speaking the same language!

Amanda Smith, Invercargill City Council

Relevant sector examples. Covered all project management principles, tools and important shortcuts.

Marissa Cairncross Wellington City Council

An enjoyable and informative workshop which met the initial objectives of bringing a range of staff up to speed in project management.

Phil Wall Kapiti Coast District Council

A fun training session that gave us easy to use tools. This is sure to help us in the future.

Brendan Monaghan, Invercargill City Council

Great course for a newbie. Well worth attending. Interesting.

Kate Anderson Selwyn District Council

The workshop was undertaken in a friendly and professional manner from which I learnt a great deal! Please keep up the good work.

Matt Aitchison Kapiti Coast District Council

Excellent course – this will help you get more success from more projects, and it is fun too!

Cameron McIntosh, Invercargill City Council

Best presenter of material I have ever had.

Stu Kilmister Kapiti Coast District Council

Frank was a well-coordinated and confident facilitator who presented the basics of Project Management processes well.

Heather Guise, Invercargill City Council

The content, workbook and process took us back to why, how and when.

Jonny Baxter Kapiti Coast District Council

Fun and informative environment to have project management skills. Some great tools which I look forwards to using.

Malcolm Loan, Invercargill City Council

Very helpful in learning new ideas and methodology.

Aldrin Abad Kapiti Coast District Council

Working with the group introduction of PM not preaching to

Robin Pagan, Invercargill City Council

This Project Management seminar was beneficial and entertaining.

Blair Murray Kapiti Coast District Council

This was a well presented course and I took away some valuable information that I did not understand before

Russell Keen, Invercargill City Council

A relevant, practical workshop.

Corinne Hardy Kapiti Coast District Council

An interesting and interactive workshop which provides a good insight into how projects, especially their planning can be run using easy tools

Russell Pearson, Invercargill City Council

Fantastic course. Fully enjoyed the workshop. Will take skills directly to my current job. Fun and informative.

Shane Carruthers Kapiti Coast District Council

Very engaging, interactive workshop that helped me understand my colleagues and gave me tools to deal with things more quickly and directly

Sheryll Ashton, Invercargill City Council

Stimulating and fun. Great tools to increase work performance.

Marg Sweetman Kapiti Coast District Council

Great workshop, highly recommend.

Kasey Buchanan Kapiti Coast District Council

Learnt some practical strategies, good focussed discussion. Welcomed the opportunity to work on a PMP that I’m currently working on and getting feedback from the group.

Sue Johnson Kapiti Coast District Council

The Integral Group provide a practical approach to project management. Really appreciated the support provided.

Ben Thompson Kapiti Coast District Council

This workshop provides a great foundation for effective and efficient work. Provides great practical tools for project planning.

Tania Parata Kapiti Coast District Council

Great tips, reminder of how practical 'good guy' skills are of use in everyday business.

Bernee Koschak, Porirua City Council

Thanks for your help and advice.

Richard Morrison Kapiti Coast District Council

Great workshop which I would highly recommend to managers who set up lots of projects.

Marty Schulz, Opotiki District Council

The training programme/workshop provides eye-opening for dynamics working on projects and how to manage them.

Joey Narvasa Kapiti Coast District Council

Full on workshop with great tools that are easily transferable into the workplace.

Sam Vincent, New Plymouth District Council

You get to learn and hang with others around Aotearoa. Very cool authentic people.

Marama Tahapehi, South Waikato District Council

An excellent workshop that exceeded the brief.

Rob Cross Kapiti Coast District Council

Excellent course. Relates to work environment, however useful for life in general.

Brian Kerr, Ashburton District Council

Entertaining presenter who took us on the journey of project management.

Tony Parrott, Firstgas Group

A useful two days away from normal routine - very useful to share experiences with my council colleagues!

Gordon Cameron Kapiti Coast District Council

Didn’t fall asleep or dose off once, ha ha!

Abbie Shirley, Ashburton District Council

Great workshop for all levels of experience with project management.

Lauren Everest, Firstgas Group

I learnt more than I thought about project Management and the impact on my day to day work by working with others, and working on something not directly related to my workstream! It was fun and I am already using the learning in everything I do! A+++ value for money too!

Te Paea Paringatai Kapiti Coast District Council

Picked up lots of project management techniques that I?ll use in my work and personal life. Frank did a great job at getting everyone involved and made the two days enjoyable.

Sarah Stephenson, Tararua District Council

This is really relevant and practical training that can be implemented in so many ways to make working life better and less stressful.

Tania McCann, Environment Southland

The workshop was excellent, I had fun, learned a lot and enjoyed the teaching style. I would recommend this workshop to others.

Jim Henderson, Ashburton District Council

The half day session I attended with TIGL provided a timely avenue for a short sharp mental reset and provided a good framework for time management and problem solving. Frank was an engaging host and speaker, and I have since implemented at least one of the learnings from the course.

Hazel Turner, South Wairarapa District Council

Useful if you’re in project management as actual examples can be used through the course.

John Saxton Kapiti Coast District Council

A fun, interactive hands-on training programme that will get you out of your seat and interacting with others.

Blair Rogers, Tararua District Council

Expect to come away with some great new tools and ways of doing things.

Rachael Millar, Environment Southland

Excellent course, very interesting and easy to focus on content. Good mix of fun and learning.

Dave Hampton, Ashburton District Council

Great introduction to improve our organisation within our own workload.

Mandy DeRitter, South Wairarapa District Council

Practical and applied.

Jim Ebenhoh Kapiti Coast District Council

Procurement can be fun!

Graeme Gillespie, Palmerston North City Council

The force is strong in this one.

Angus McKay, Environment Southland

Entertaining and informative.

Justin Bloomfield, Ashburton District Council

Enjoyed the short course and learnt some new things that I can use.

Stan Bossom, South Wairarapa District Council

I really enjoyed Frank’s teaching approach and the tools he enlightened me with to make my day to day life easier.

Jaime Sherlock Kapiti Coast District Council

I really enjoyed the course. Learnt some simple tools and also learnt a little about my fellow colleagues.

Brigitte Nelson, Rotorua Lakes Council

Brilliant workshop. A must for all senior managers and staff involved in procurement.

Peter Whisker, Palmerston North City Council

This workshop uses easy processes and materials to explain project management.

Craig Sinclair, Environment Southland

Was the best thing that could have happened in the first weeks of a new project.

Katie Miller, Ashburton District Council

Thank you a great real-life course with practical applications.

Caroline Gault, Porirua City Council

Very informative and educational.

Brian Barnes Tararua District Council

This was really practical workshop with tools and templates that actually fit with project work. Too often workshops are attended and content forgotten. Not this one!

Carole Parker, Rotorua Lakes Council

I have definitely learnt some excellent skills and techniques I can use in real life. Most beneficial.

Leigh Sage, Palmerston North City Council

Really good workshop, could see reasons why past projects didn?t go so well.

Andrew Wilson, Environment Southland

Very informative and educational.

Brian Barnes Tararua District Council

Excellent workshop, well presented and delivered. I would recommend this to anyone involved in managing projects regardless of the size.

Darryl Robson, Rotorua Lakes Council

Who would have thought procurement could be fun?! Other workshop I have participated in have been dry and worse than having pins in my eyes.

Donna Matthews, Palmerston North City Council

Fun, interactive and engaging workshop which rolls the best bits of a variety of tools.

Courtney Guise, Environment Southland

“Self-taught” in project management. This course gave good practical skills I can utilise in future and gave great direction.

Heather Taylor Tararua District Council

Well delivered, great tools.

Justin Wilkinson, Rotorua Lakes Council

Frank made what can be a very dry and boring topic actually a little fun ;-)

Natasha Hickmott, Palmerston North City Council

Great workshop, valuable to our whole organisation. Just what was needed to implement our LTP projects.

Tanea Hawkins, Environment Southland

One of the best training sessions I’ve encountered.

Cameron McKay Tararua District Council

The workshop provided relevant tools that are easy to implement and will create immediate efficiency gains.

Paulina Wilhelm, Rotorua Lakes Council

This workshop will give you some good procurement tools.

Katherine Stannard, Palmerston North City Council

Relevant, interactive, practical, simple tools.

Jo Simon, Environment Southland

I found the course and presenter exceptional. The tools provided I will use in my everyday job, to find quick and efficient solutions to problems.

Bevan Gray Tararua District Council

I stayed focussed the whole 2 days

Richard Marshall, Rotorua Lakes Council

Ideal learning for procurement professionals and responders to tenders to succeed in future procurements.

Peter Roberts, Palmerston North City Council

Great workshop.

Tanith Robb, Environment Southland

Fun, interactive, pitched to all levels. Frank provides a comfortable learning environment and encourages participation from everyone.

Abby Hemopo Tararua District Council

Project management explained in simple terms, in an active way that has you using it from day one. A focussed way to solve problems.

Tania Short, Rotorua Lakes Council

This workshop included tools that can be applied to everyday worklife.

Simon Mori, Palmerston North City Council

Thanks so much Frank! I?m new to these ideas and I?ve learnt a lot during this course. I?m excited to put these skills into practice ? at work, sports clubs, everything!

Grace Smith, Environment Southland

Very strongly recommend this course to anyone who manages projects.

Dean Phibbs Buller District Council

Great way to move forward in Project Management

Rob Kemp, Tauranga City Council

I've known Frank for 10 years and the quality of his workshops has remained super high. Ngā Mihi!

Tanya Winter, Ōtorohanga District Council

Learning tools provided to save time in project managing whilst also not skimping on processes.

Debbie Crackett Buller District Council

Simplifies seemingly insurmountable scenarios seamlessly. Changes the way I think about how hard a project is.

Clint Nelson, Tauranga City Council

A very informative course from a well-organised tutor who knew his stuff. Looking forward to using some of this new knowledge back at work.

Nichola Cunneen Buller District Council

This course was informative and well structure but above all fun. The learning really went in. Highly recommended.

Kate Boyt, Tauranga City Council

An excellent, practical, extremely useful workshop.

Rachel Townrow Buller District Council

This is a different practical based approach to introduce key terms in project management. Involvement into various activity and economics definitely help us to understand the concepts clearly.

Amit A. Kokje, Tauranga City Council

A really great course that can easily be implemented on large projects but also day to day baby projects.

Lana Hands Buller District Council

Project management made simple, with practical application to everyday business.

Brent Lincoln, Tauranga City Council

Brilliant workshop, informative, well executed using fine real-life examples

Bevan Thompson, Nelson City Council

Found a great practical slant to the training. Was great to work on my own real life project.

Wendy Thompson Buller District Council

This is an excellent course for organisations that seeks to improve the way things are getting done.

Andrew McMath, Tauranga City Council

The course has taught me how to look at project management from a new lens. I feel that it will help me get involved early on and save on headaches down the road.

Katharine Jones, Nelson City Council

This was a really beneficial workshop that armed you with many tools to be able to go and complete a project from start to finish in a proactive, organised and fun way.

Haidee Ward Buller District Council

Prior to completing this course, I had minimal experience with project planning. Now I am looking forward to get involved in project and putting these skills into action.

Stuart Goodman, Tauranga City Council

Frank gave me a new perspective and tools that I can use in effective project management for both myself and my team.

Rebecca Dawkins, Nelson City Council

I benefitted a lot from attending this workshop. I highly recommend it for all council staff.

Francis Norku Kapiti Coast District Council

You will walk away armed with tangible tools (free templates) and skills applicable not only to project management but to everyday work life.

Sharon Labuschagne, Tauranga City Council

Frank was a very experienced trainer. Absolutely passionate and engaged with helping us to build better projects.

Phil Cochrane, Nelson City Council

The material taught in this workshop gives an inexperienced employer a good grounding on project management.

Jamal Rautao Kapiti Coast District Council

Great workshop with useful, practical ideas and techniques to easily apply in the workplace. Highly recommended for anyone in a project management role.

Sarah Toomer, Tauranga City Council

This is an excellent course, jam-packed with overview explanation to very practical ideas and tools for project management. Provided heaps of fun in a safe environment for all!

Richard Frizzell, Nelson City Council

A great workshop to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. A fantastic range of tools to help manage projects of all sizes.

James Kilbride Kapiti Coast District Council

Very useful workshop that has given me tools I will be apply in my daily job.

Asita Langi, Nelson City Council

Frank Aldridge from The Integral Group is a great facilitator with excellent skills and experience including case studies for project management training.

Mel Sutherland Grey District Council

A really helpful workshop thank you

Scott Butcher, Nelson City Council

Practical, interactive and fun workshop delivered at a pace that kept engagement high.

Dave Hardy, Kapiti Coast District Council

Excellent. Great refresher for project engineers and a workshop that would be useful for elected members as well

Vivek Goel Westland District Council

Knowing nothing about project management I know feel I could comfortably wotk through one with all the new tools and advice that has been given.

Lisa DeRooy Westland District Council

Fantastic workshop, learned some extremely valuable project management methods/strategies.

Karl Jackson Grey District Council

The workshop provided me with many simple and practical tools that I can apply to projects of all scales in my work.

Adrian Turner, Palmerston North City Council

Great workshop – good useful tools that definitely apply to my work/projects.

James McKibbin Upper Hutt City Council

I didn?t know much about project management before this course, but now I?m interested in applying what I have learned. I feel this is a skill useful for many people.

Leah Bruce, Palmerston North City Council

If you take one thing away from this workshop we will be happy.

Glenn Wood Upper Hutt City Council

Frank runs a really stimulating, fun workshop.

Leith Haarhoff, Palmerston North City Council

Extremely useful workshop – will use many aspects of what I’ve learnt in my job. Loving the e-tools we’ve been sent – thank you.

Amber Moffitt Upper Hutt City Council

Extremely helpful with my projects and just need to add the cultural elements to it ? thank you!

Rhia Taonui, Palmerston North City Council

Fantastic workshop – delivered in a clear way with a sense of humour. Loved it!!

Loren Marine Upper Hutt City Council

I went in thinking it may not be useful - might be too basic and I am halfway through a major project already ? but I found lots of content that will be helpful, which directly applies to my work.

Stephanie Velvin, Palmerston North City Council

Well-delivered workshop to manage your projects to make your life easier.

K G Sampanthan Upper Hutt City Council

Frank packs in a great amount of material while reinforcing the key fundamentals through fun and inclusive exercises.

Keegan Aplin-Thane, Palmerston North City Council

Great delivery and great tools to take away. Really enjoyed the workshop.

Chris Robinson Upper Hutt City Council

This course provides practical and memorable techniques for approaching procurement, project management, negotiation and life. It is worth the time and energy and I highly recommend it!

Quecha Horning, Grey District Council

Great course with lots of useful techniques, even for those with lots of experience.

Reece Lloyd, Palmerston North City Council

Glad to have participated in this workshop. It has provided me with tried and tested tools to help me with the various challenges faced by project managers.

Greg Anderson Wanganui District Council

I feel as though my participation in Integral’s procurement and negotiating training has put me a couple of paces ahead of the game.

Liz Burke, Grey District Council

Simple to use, practical, effective council guiding tools for Project Management.

Mandy McIntosh, Waitaki DC

Frank was a great presenter ? kept things interesting and moving forward.

Vicki McKeeman, Palmerston North City Council

If you didn’t know project management before, you will after.

Sophie Dickinson Thames Coromandel District Council

Frank is a great facilitator who provides a fun and interesting workshop. He listens to everyone’s ideas and encourages participation well.

Sarah Askew Tasman District Council

Wide applicability of tools and techniques; instilled confidence in attendees to use them.

Audrey Dench, Masterton DC

Awesome course. Frank is a great trainer who uses his knowledge and experience in workshops, which makes it more realistic and easier to take in and learn.

Stephanie Papps

I learnt so much, too much! First timer, will need to read over notes, photos of charts and implement this at home with a husband and animals.

Dianne Saunders, Te Maru o Ruahine Trust

The course was well-constructed and relevant and conducted in a positive learning manner. It had added relevance due to the real life examples presented.

Robert Schlotjes Kaipara District Council

Confirmed I was on the right lines for project managers, but gave realistic tools that I could add to add value.

Roger Lamberth, Matamata-Piako DC

What a great, fun day of learning new tools and techniques to be more effective in my role. Thank you.

Aarona McGregor, Te Maru o Ruahine Trust

Project management demystified with a lot of simple methods to help plan a project and keep it on track.

Pete Gray Wanganui District Council

This course will give you structure and ideas that will not only help you do your job better but also increase your ability for your future!

Richard Nimmo (freelance)

This 1 day Project Management refresher was great, in bringing techniques and tools back to me.

Kurt Ball, Te Maru o Ruahine Trust

Project: ERP procurement assistance

We had not been through the MBIE RFX process before and needed someone with experience to assist us on this journey and at the same time upskill our team.

We engaged the Integral Group to take us on our RFX journey. The effect was amazing. The objectives we set for this engagement were exceeded on all accounts, both Frank and Bridget were fantastic.

Their approach was logical and based on many years of deep experience. I would absolutely recommend using them and would not hesitate to work with them again.