Project Management

Project management alongside a pragmatic common sense approach is a specialist skill. 

Getting projects wrong can result in a lot of pain:

  • reputations damaged
  • outcomes that are not fit for purpose
  • money wasted
  • impacts on costs and rates
  • political backlash.

As such the investment in getting these things right in the first place has a huge return.

Project Management Experience:
  • Government Projects
  • Corporate Projects
  • Logistics Projects
  • Training Projects
  • Strategic Projects
  • State Owned Enterprise
  • Knowledge Management
  • Procurement Projects
  • Developed Right Track Workshop
  • Small to Medium Projects ($5k - $10m)
  • Roading Maintenance Alliance
What we do:
  • project management
  • project management training
  • strategic reviews
  • supply reviews
  • setting up projects that lead into the LTP process
  • follow up training:
    • Right Track Workshop
    • DOSAC
  • mentoring
  • manage all procurement projects we run
 What you get from working with us:
  • pragmatic and effective tools and techniques
  • less stress, more success 

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