Soft Skills for Projects

75% of long term success in a role is based on mastering soft skills; only 25% of the job comes from technical skills

What is it?

  • 2 day soft skills for projects workshop
  • an introduction to soft skills in the workplace
  • tools and techniques have been developed to enhance soft skills & facilitation training
  • participants are given simple and practical exercises that embed the learnings, with a focus on soft skills, and why they are important for projects

What will be covered?

  • what are Soft Skills?
  • why are they important?
  • how are they different to hard skills?
  • the psychology of business
  • selling ideas & concepts
  • 4 guiding principles
  • getting on with & influencing people
  • strategy development tools
  • facilitation tips
  • importance of preparation
  • power of questions
  • dealing with difficult people
  • acceptable & unacceptable behaviours
  • key philosophies
  • change management model
  • contract setup exercise
  • Right Track Workshop:
    • stakeholder analysis
    • communications planning made simple
    • risk analysis
    • needs and wants analysis
    • team
    • project governance and roles
  • what to do when things go wrong
  • negotiation tips

This workshop will provide participants with:

  • an understanding of soft skills and why they are important not just in the workplace but in everyday life too.
  • benefits of soft skills in the workplace
  • an introduction to the psychology of business and how it applies
  • pragmatic tools and techniques to enhance soft skills
  • an introduction to the Right Track Workshop
  • understanding of the implications of poor soft skills amongst team members

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and gained valuable skills that can be applied not just in a work context but into any area in life. I highly recommend this to all."

-  Kate McNabb, Capital & Coast District Health Board

4.9 stars from 7 testimonials


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Who is it for?

Anyone who facilitates workshops and/or meetings to make things happen.

This workshop is intended to instill soft skills training at all levels of an organisation.

It is appropriate therefore for a wide range of staff and management

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Your facilitator

Frank Aldridge:

  • has trained over 1000 people in project management
  • trained across 70+ different project categories
  • has had attendance from 80+ organisations across NZ
  • TIGL are SOLGM's preferred trainer for procurement, project management & contract management

Workshop cost and booking details

2 day workshop  (inhouse and public options available)

If you have a larger group of people you would like to attend together, we can bring the workshop to you and run it inhouse.  We can also tailor the workshop examples to meet what you need. We use real case studies to embed the learning and solve business issues at the same time.  (All you need to do is provide a suitable venue and appropriate support.)

The pricing for an inhouse workshop is as below:

Up to 10 attendees

Per person fee

in excess of 10 attendees



The pricing for a public workshop is $1,500 + gst/person.

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