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  • Are you getting in trouble with your procurement projects?
  • Have you got a procurement project that you don’t know how to start?
  • Are you worried about dropping the ball or getting sued?
  • Would you like to learn some practical techniques that can make procurement a lot easier and more successful?

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All reviews are included in full at the bottom of this page.

We have run over 100 procurement projects in over 40 different categories. We have also helped clients respond to about 40 Request for Proposals (RFPs) and tenders. This means we bring a rare and balanced view to procurement.

We have introduced the New Paradigm of Procurement to the market and are now training people who really want to do procurement properly.

We have developed procurement training that is real world and pragmatic. This incorporates methods, processes and tools that we have developed to manage procurement projects that we are involved with. We use these on real projects and then train others how to use them.

The main goal is Less Stress – More Success.

A leading expert in the world on the topic of stress (Dr Dereck Rogers) taught us that stress does two things:

  1. It makes you miserable
  2. It makes you die younger.

As such, we have developed tools and techniques that take a lot of the stress out of project management.

One of the most useful techniques we have developed is the Right Track Workshop.

For four years we were one of three trainers contracted by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to deliver their procurement training as well.


We have a mix of procurement training workshops:

  • Half day workshop for senior leadership teams
  • One day workshop
  • Two day workshop.

These workshops are at an introductory level. Having said that we have trained some very experienced procurement people and they have always got a lot out of the training.

Click here for more information about our procurement workshop, including pricing.


Clients that we have done specific procurement training for include:

  • Better Travel Travel Business  - Auckland
  • Better Travel Travel Business - Melbourne
  • Better Travel Travel Business - Wellington
  • Department of Corrections
  • ECL Group
  • Grey District Council
  • Hauraki District Council
  • Horizons Regional Council
  • Inland Revenue
  • Marlborough District Council
  • Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment
  • Nelson City Council
  • Not for Profit Association
  • Polytechnics Accountants
  • Palmerston North City Council
  • Porirua City Council
  • Rangitikei District Council
  • Rotorua Lakes Council
  • Society for Local Government Managers (SOLGM)
  • South Waikato District Council
  • Southland District Council
  • Tararua District Council
  • Tasman District Council
  • Taupo District Council
  • Tertiary Education Commission
  • The Salvation Army
  • Transpower
  • Waitemata District Health Board
  • Western Bay of Plenty District Council
  • Whangarei District Council
  • Wheeler Campbell

I didn't expect procurement training to be so entertaining and easily understood

Liz B, Grey District Council

Quecha H, Grey Dristrict Council

Kurtis P, Grey Dristrict Council

Kevin H, Grey Dristrict Council

Karl J, Grey Dristrict Council

Debbie W, Grey Dristrict Council

Mel S, Grey District Council

Getting all onto a common framework and understanding 'why', was the key objective which you and the team nailed. Thank you.

Blair K

As always, very engaging and informative session.

Wiehan L

It was really good, a lot of information to take in. The legal process part was of most benefit to me having been involved in your project management workshop.

Sarah S

Interesting, made me think. A good basic grounding in procurement.

Vanessa Blyth, Western Bay of Plenty DC

Very good, lots to take in and put to practise.

Michelle W

Exceeded my expectations; thought it could be above my head, but was practical and "fun".

Gaylene P, Rangitikei DC

A good 101 workshop to highlight and reinforce good procurement practices and processes.

Chris C

Overall good crash course into procurement. Very helpful having previously run through it with Frank with the Pahiatua Main St designer procurement.

Joshua W

Well presented - thanks.

Ray C

As my role grows this information will become more useful. Thanks for sharing your expertise Frank.

Shona G, Invercargill City Council

An excellent, well-presented and balanced course. Really helps to refresh mind etc. Suitable and relevant to all levels. Learnt some new tools and will apply.

Glenn Thorn, Tasman District Council

An excellent overview of the principles of good procurement, using real life examples with toolkit to follow. I have learnt a great deal, cemented some of my "old" knowledge and feel more confident in the procurement aspects of my new role.

Marg P, Nelson City Council

Good to hear supplier perspective and impact of procurement processes on potential outcomes

Stan P, Inland Revenue Department

I have really enjoyed this course and got a lot out of it, good practical information. it is a valuable course for people embarking on procurement projects, some really helpful tools to get you going and set you up with good procedures. The reading list sounds really interesting.

Beryl Wilkes, Tasman District Council

Enjoyed it. Good instruction. Real world examples

Kieran C, Inland Revenue Department

Very practical. Great examples, relevant to the topics. Will make you better at your job.

Greg T, Marlborough District Council

Carol K, Inland Revenue Department

Good practical stuff.

Ian Y, Grey District Council

Supplier perspective was really interesting

Margot B, Inland Revenue Departmen

Laura P, Inland Revenue Departmen

Really good practical approaches

Catherine P, Inland Revenue Departmen

Martyn D, Inland Revenue Departmen

Katherine C, Inland Revenue Departmen

Trina G, Inland Revenue Departmen

Great - Easy to stay engaged

Sharon P, Inland Revenue Departmen

The Integral Group’s real world, both sides of the fence focus is a great platform for buyers and sellers. Upskilling all involved for better outcomes for both.

Mark J, Porirua City Council

Incredibly useful content, can be used everyday

Bridget P, Ministry of Health

Probably the most practical course with heaps of tips and tricks that I have ever attended.

Mike Slape, ECL Group

Julie P, Inland Revenue Departmen

Frank has an amazing amount of experience and knowledge in procurement and project management. His easy style of delivery and engagement made the learning easy, enjoyable and easily transferable to our real work situations.

Richard Haines, ECL Group

Diana F, Inland Revenue Departmen

One of the better courses I have experienced. Lots of ready to use information.

Gail W, ECL Group

Beverley S, Inland Revenue Department

A well-informed, planned workshop that actively involved the group and able to relate to “real life” situations.

Sue Grant, ECL Group

Kayla N, Inland Revenue Deparment

Great workshop, presented at the right level for everyone to understand and a range of example and templates to take home!

Suzanne C, Horizons Regional Council

John B, South Waikato DC

I would have liked more procurement policy examples for local government, and discussion around what works well.

Katy H, Hauraki DC

Elaine R, Hauraki DC

Michael F, Local Authority Shared Services Ltd

Debbie G, Rotorua DC

Jacques B, ECL Group

Gaylene O, ECL Group

Marcus G, ECL Group

Chris D, ECL Group

Jason D, ECL Group

Sarah V, Grey DC

Fantastic practical tools - will be great for leading processes in my own workplace. Great to be able to download tools. My role is more theory based so I might still need more assistance in development of our policies

Tamara D, Southland District Council

Really enjoyed it! Learnt heaps - invaluable. Would 100% recommend

Isobel T, Wellington City Council

Very useful, aided my refresh working in this space. Big learning: "Plan - the ROI will pay"

David J, Wellington City Council

It reiterated my existing knowledge and skill base

Debbie W, Tasman District Council

I still need to understand how to write an appropriate policy and strategy - next time maybe. But the whole process of delivering a project using that process will help me understand what I need to do and what others need to do. I might be the "teacher"

Anne U, Environment Canterbury

This has been extremely entertaining. Starting from scratch , has been a lot to absorb but very good

Debbie B, Hurunui District Council

Great to see a contract come to fruition from start to finish

Jane H, New Plymouth District Council

Loved it. Learnt heaps, laughed lots. Loved the interaction and presentation. Low-tech rocks!

Heather E, Whangarei District Council

Very well presented and flexible enough to cater to participant's needs

Liz B, New Plymouth District Council

Taking away a number of very useful tools. Difficult in that with internal parks staff in not procuring services - more plant/materials. But do see how much of content can be adapted to suit/be used for this

Andrew M, Taupo District Council

Got me thinking about the planning and the process

Brent A, Taupo District Council

Very broad course covering participants with little to higher understanding. I would have benefited from a more advanced session.

Colin G, Taupo District Council

Good use of the two days. Content well presented and relevant

Denis L, Taupo District Council

A fair amount of the course was directed towards the processes I don't use. It was good to get some background but I feel some of the very good ideas need to be adopted by the organisation as a whole

Greg H, Taupo District Council

John R, Taupo District Council

Course content good, but not always relevant for me as I don't handle many bigger projects

Kevin S, Taupo District Council

Great subject knowledge

Kylee M, Taupo District Council

Information presented was timely

Neville B, Taupo District Council

Well prepared, engaged with participants, gave real life examples and back up processes and tools. Flowed well over the two days

Tina J, Taupo District Council

Well worth it to reinforce concepts and improve processes we do all the time across the organisation

Tracey M, Taupo District Council

Anna-Marie R, Waitemata District Health Board

Aroha H, Waitemata District Health Board

Great! Useful and applies to my role

Daniel Tsai, Waitemata District Health Board

Jagpal B, Waitemata District Health Board

Karen B, Waitemata District Health Board

Katie D, Waitemata District Health Board

Good place but got lost at times

Kerry H, Waitemata District Health Board

Perhaps just a little more group activity would have been good. Excellent content and presentation

Leanne K, Waitemata District Health Board

Teaching through each stage of procurement process is great

Maria L, Waitemata District Health Board


Wai V, Waitemata District Health Board

Really like all of the tangible examples. Clear presentation

Lisa M, Waitemata District Health Board

Lee R, Waitemata District Health Board

Natalie D, Waitemata District Health Board

Good motivational speaking

Lisianne H, Waitemata District Health Board

Information and contents were relevant to my role

Sione F, Waitemata District Health Board

Great use of humor and real life examples/stories

Craig H, Waitemata District Health Board

I think the workshop fronted a useful overview for those who aren't experience in the procurement process. Would have been useful to have the organisational templates available (RFP)

Rox S, Waitemata District Health Board

Lisbet A, Waitemata District Health Board

The tools/charts are so helpful, simple to use, and I will use them

Leani S, Waitemata District Health Board

Great informative course

Karl S, Waitemata District Health Board

Pam H, Waitemata District Health Board

Tracy W, Waitemata District Health Board

Great facilitators - made light and fun of what could be a difficult concept to grasp

Malina P, Waitemata District Health Board

Being new to my current role, this has been really useful

Manu F, Waitemata District Health Board

Teresa R, Waitemata District Health Board


Natalia V, Waitemata District Health Board

Lita F, Waitemata District Health Board

Awesome! Thank you

Lis C, Waitemata District Health Board

Sangeeta S, Waitemata District Health Board

Harshna M, Waitemata District Health Board

Enjoyed approach of Frank as presenter/facilitator

Nicky P, Waitemata District Health Board

Stacey S, Waitemata District Health Board

Very good

Jean-Marie B, Waitemata District Health Board

Karen F, Waitemata District Health Board

Sonia V, Waitemata District Health Board

I was very pleasantly surprised at how interesting the workshop was - you made quite a dry process extremely interesting

Cate W, Waitemata District Health Board

Vanessa W, Waitemata District Health Board

Great communicator - presenter knew his craft!

Nelson W, Waitemata District Health Board

Had fun the last 2 days, while taking in a lot of hints/tips and tools to use along the way.

Annette, Taupo DC

Bryan, Taupo DC

Good course overall.

Dion, Taupo DC

Brent N, Taranaki Regional Council

Learnt a lot of new tips.

Graeme, Taupo DC

Chris R, New Plymouth District Council

Very beneficial, great tools available and better understanding of the process.

Heather, Taupo DC

Very good coverage from basics through to main issues. Good stories to illustrate issues.

Dennis B, Matamata - Piako District Council

Impression, Taupo DC

Great delivery. Neat "flow" right through. Loved the way you deviate from the programme to build the whole picture.

Graeme P, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Frank was a great presenter, lots of practical experience and examples to offer.

Julie, Taupo DC

Engaging, simple language with excellent examples. Packed a punch. Leaving with amazing tools ttat can be applied in my workplace.

Hayley O, New Plymouth District Council

All good.

Mel, Taupo DC

Kevin B, Napier City Council

Great content over 2 day; went quick. Thought it would be a bore, was not.

Michael, Taupo DC

Kumaren P, Waipa District Council

Nigel, Taupo DC

Michelle S, Far North District Council

Very valuable training.

Nigel, Taupo DC

This workshop exceeded my expectations as delivered a total package of tools around procurement.

Mike M, Palmerston North City Council

Good pace, repetition and use of practical tools.

Sue, Taupo DC

Raelene J, Taranaki Regional Council

Great interaction and humour.

Shari J, Whakatane District Council

Very engaging.

Steve B, Thames-Coromandel District Council

Tania M, Taranaki Regional Council

Would like to do the Project Management training with the Integral Group.

Donna M, Palmerston North City Council

Really well done. A lot to take in, in 2 days. Recommend to others - a great course.

Gerard C, Palmerston North Council

Well-paced - interactive, practical, good use of tools using real examples.

Graeme G, Palmerston North City Council

Interesting and fast-paced.

Katherine S, Palmerston North City Council

Very useful to my job. A very useful and practical workshop.

Kheng L, Palmerston North City Council

Very good all around. Real life skills. Frank knows his stuff.

Leigh S, Palmerston North City Council

Lots of information and backed-up with examples.

Natasha H, Palmerston North City Council

Very informative, fast-paced, engaging and fun. Frank made it fun and positive.

Peter R, Palmerston North City Council

Had a ball.

Phill M, Palmerston North City Council

Great course.

Richie H, Palmerston North City Council

The detailed heavy procurement stuff was over my head as never been exposed to it and unlikely to be involved in future.

Simon M, Palmerston North City Council

Was good. Good examples used and humour. Day 2 was longer and taxing. Was good to understand the reason/theory behind procurement and best practise ways.

Tania M, Palmerston North City Council

Really surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Some things I won't use and I just need to take away from the course relevant ones. In saying that, I have a better understanding now around procurement.

Wendy C, Palmerston North City Council

Really good course involving a lot of information and skills I will use in and out of work. Frank is a great facilitator.

Sarah A, Grey District Council

Very informative, entertaining "fun"