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We train in all of the areas that we consult in. This means that our training is always current and relevant as it is based on how we work with clients.

We are continually finding better ways of doing things in the real world and we then bring those methods and techniques into our training.

A recent example is the Right Track Workshop. This was developed to address some common problems that organisations face when running projects. We now use this and train it in all of our projects and training workshops.

Areas that we train in include:

  • project management
  • procurement
  • negotiation and sales
  • winning tenders
  • knowledge management and process mapping
  • change management

We are happy to tailor training workshops and examples to meet what you need. We use real case studies on training workshops to embed the learning and solve business issues at the same time.

We offer in-house and public workshops.

For pricing please refer to the brochures included as a link on the Our Services page.