Our Services » Contract Management

  • Contract management lifecycle
  • Requirements of contracting process
  • Attract the best suppliers
  • Achieve required business outcomes
  • Negotiate contract terms with suppliers
  • Manage & improve delivery of contract

Contract Management works hand in hand with procurement.

As well as providing help and advice in this area for our clients - we also run a 2 day workshop which is interactive and works through real examples from the attendees.

The workshop covers how to:

  • Decide the right procurement and contract models to attract the best suppliers and to achieve the required business outcomes
  • How to set up the requirements in the contracting process
  • How to select the right suppliers to meet the contract requirements
  • How to negotiate the contract terms with suppliers
  • How to manage and improve delivery of the contract.

It also touches on recent issues with contract management within the sector and how to avoid pitfalls.

Learn about:

  • The new paradigm of contract management
    • Collaborative
    • Courteous
    • considerate
  • Key objectives
    • Know what you need and want
    • Attract the best suppliers
    • Choose the right ones
    • Management them fairly
  • Contract Management lifecycle
  • Where it all fits
  • The psychology of business
  • 4 guiding principles
  • ADKAR change management model
  • Becoming the client of choice and why that’s critical
  • And much more.