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Right Track Workshops

The Right Track Workshop is a pragmatic and effective tool which we use at the beginning of every project, and train at every Project Management and Procurement Training workshops that we run. We also use this tool to help organisations and businesses identify what is going wrong with their projects, and set them back on the right track.

This workshop will cover:

  • Background
  • Objectives
  • Stakeholder Analysis (used to develop a communications plan)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Needs and Wants Analysis
  • Project Team Definition
  • Governance Requirements
  • Sign-offs

We will also provide you with templates to download and use. These templates are specifically developed to complement the tools and techniques within the Right Track Workshop.

We have run numerous Right Track Workshops and they have made a huge difference in terms of engagement and buy-in from all key stakeholders.  It also sets out a set of agreed and defined outcomes for any project.

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