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TIGL has developed some specific procurement and project management techniques. One of them is the Right Track Workshop. This is a workshop that we run at the start of projects to get them on the right track and establish the key requirements of the project.

What is the Right Track Workshop?

The Right Track Workshop was developed by TIGL in 2014.  In a number of cases after we have done Project Management training for clients they would engage us when they have a problem project.  We would help the organisation identify what was going wrong with their project and set them back on the right track.

Our approach would be to use DOSAC.  For these workshops, individuals from various areas of the business were invited to provide input on what their view and understanding was of the project.  In every case there would be a number of gaps (or potential balls about to be dropped).  In one case 146 action points were identified.

Right Track Workshop, Tararua District CouncilThe obvious solution was to do this at the start of the project (not when you strike a problem).  So we needed to have a workshop at the start of the project. The common excuse for clients not doing this would be “we haven’t got time”. As such we had to create a technique that was:

  • fun
  • fast
  • and we later discovered the magic ingredient to get people along was FOOD!

It is with this in mind that the Right Track Workshop was developed. The workshop typically takes 2 hours to run and includes:

  • project background
  • project objectives
  • stakeholder analysis (used to develop a communications plan)
  • risk analysis
  • needs and wants analysis
  • project team definition
  • governance requirements.

We have run numerous Right Track Workshops and have made a huge difference in terms of engagement and buy-in from all key stakeholders. It also sets out a set of agreed and defined outcomes for the project.

We have run these workshops with CEOs and Mayors, councillors and senior leadership teams. We also train people how to run them for themselves.